My Little Monster Episode 4

Recap: After some advice from Shizuku, Haru becomes the most popular boy in school. Just as she starts to get jealous, Haru lashes out again in defense of a girl, only to alienate his classmates and cause more problems. After an Asako-fanservice filled summer, my prediction rings true as the gang run into Haru’s older brother Yuzan. While their meeting is jovial, Haru’s avoidance of him still raises questions to his true nature.

Another absolutely fantastic episode this week. Morning breaks on the Mizutani household and the mismatched pair act like nothing’s weird about the fact this mismatched pair spent the night under the same roof. I love Shizuku’s dad, his reactions to this whole series of events is priceless. The next scene, we see Shizuku give Haru some pointers on how to become more personable. On advice to start smiling more, Haru garners the attention of the school’s entire female body. I felt this must have been poking fun at that particular breed of shoujo protagonists. Haru smiles a little and suddenly every girl is smitten, it’s hilarious and really makes you feel for poor Shizuku, who no longer gets to have the big fool to herself. The best part of the whole bit is that this hardcore guitar riff plays in the background up until the point where he smiles and it devolves into a sparkly sound effect.

However, Haru is still Haru, and after seeing Kana Hanazawa’s character get bullied he quickly gets in trouble again. It’s at times like these where you can tell Haru just wasn’t raised normally. He never questions his violent behavior because it seems that is how he learned was the proper way to deal with conflict. Thankfully Shizuku was there to bail him out this time, but I can easily see this becoming a huge problem again in the future. That next scene absolutely made the episode for me, with Shizuku reassuring Haru that he’s kinder than the violent side makes him out to be.

Speaking of Kana Hanazawa, I have to wonder how her character will play into this whole story. She, like Shizuku, is definitely more of an asocial type. However, unlike Shizuku, a strong personality that preferred to be by herself, she seems much more the stereotypical shrinking violet. We also got to learn a bit more about Sasayan, definitely the most out of place addition to the gang, being the only one who had friends and a group before the whole show started. Something tells me Sasayan was involved in the altercation that lead to Haru skipping school for so long.

First off, suppose it wasn’t like I made the detective call of the year, but I feel somewhat smug in seeing the familial connection in the Haru-Yuzan problem. I didn’t realize he was supposed to be an older brother at first, he really doesn’t look any older than Haru. Mi-san’s excuse that he owed Yuzan money may have fooled the cast, but I’m not buying it. The way that whole scene panned out was way more sinister. Unless the director has been misleading us this entire time there is obviously more to this story than meets the eye.

As if this episode hadn’t stolen my heart enough, the ending just made my day. I think the best thing about Shizuku is that she really is a confident person. While she may doubt herself sometimes, she’s not afraid to let others know how she feels. Her blunt solicitation for a date was so perfect. Every Monday after watching an episode these days I find myself cursing how it’s not the next Monday yet, this show is just that good. Knowing this pair, I can see a lot of potential for heartwarming and hilarious scenes to come from their impending date.

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