Kotoura-san Episode 7

I've been there

Recap: Summer vacation continues and the ESP club eventually leaves Grandpa’s house to return home. Haruka is determined to spend more time with Manabe, but for the first time since they met he seems to be hiding something.

Jel’s Thoughts: One of the things I love about watching Kotoura-san is how open and comfortable the cast is with each other. I suppose that has a lot to do with having a mind reader in the group, but the fact that both Manabe and Moritani as well as Yuriko and Muroto are old friends helps as well. My point is it’s not the usual anime romance dynamic where everyone is too afraid to be honest about their feelings and a mere glance from a member of the opposite sex sends them reeling. Instead we get moments like we got in this episode where Haruka, Manabe and Moritani may or may not have just had some kind of three-way and they shrug it off after a brief scolding.

Tell me how often THAT happens

The comfort level may also stem from the fact the writers make it a point of putting the girls on equal footing with the boys. It’s something I noticed around the time Grandpa starting going into creeper mode and Haruka made of point of saying her butt and thighs are “actually mine”. It’s not to say that other anime always imply otherwise, but having her actually say it caught my attention. In this episode we had Manabe turning the tables on Moritani with her bad cooking, which is a rare sight. I’ve seen plenty of anime girls kill people with that particular method but I can’t think of an example where the guy turned around and made the girl eat the food as well. On top of that she was pretty much going toe to toe with Manabe in the fantasy department, so overall it’s just refreshing to see the girls empowered in that way.

Spoiler: There will be more cake screencaps tomorrow

With my ranting over I have to say this was another really sweet episode, with the show once again defying my expectations. I thought for sure we would be swinging back into heavy drama mode with the return of Haruka’s mother, but it seems that issue doesn’t need to be resolved quite yet. For now her appearance just served as a measuring stick for how far Haruka has come along as well as adding appreciation for Manabe’s really sweet surprise. You’d have to be a cold hearted monster to not smile by the end of this episode, or really from watching Kotoura-san in general. I might as well give up on speculating what will happen next, but I’m pretty sure that will always be the case.

One thought on “Kotoura-san Episode 7

  1. The thing that caught my attention this round was that mind-reader dynamics means Kotoura found out about her mother’s dislike for her again via proxy from the priest – and how she could find the positive in that.

    It’s a dark and insidious thing that to know which would usually be concealed for the benefit of the victim.

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