Blast of Tempest Episode 19


Recap: Hakaze continues to push Hanamura to his limits, causing Evangeline to want to regroup and talk through both side’s ideas. Meanwhile, on the way to Aika’s grave, Mahiro and Yoshino meet up once again to put the matter of Aika’s boyfriend to rest.

It’s funny how slow an episode of Tempest can seem despite the amount of ground they manage to cover between relationships. The bulk of the episode is simply two conversations: Hakaze with Evangeline and Mahiro with Yoshino. Still, with that we gain a lot of insight into Evangeline’s thought process as she formulates her plan against the Tree, and a long awaited heart to heart between our main duo.


Evangeline has the best theories. She sees magic bullshit happening all around her? Gotta be aliens. I do admit she at least has some ideas to back it up, and using Clarke’s Third Law at the very least outs her as a sci-fi nerd which would be adorable. The concept of there being two trees still puts her ideas at odds with the reality of the situation. Still, Evangeline seems like the one most devoted to the cause of rooting out the tree, I imagine this isn’t the last time we’ll hear her theories evolve.

Tempest really manages to surprise with every episode. After all the strife, all the decisions, all the trouble poor Samon has gone through from Mahiro’s sidequest to find out the identity of Aika’s boyfriend, he and Yoshino proceed to have a mostly calm and rational discussion about the topic. No fighting, no hurt feelings, just two friends talking things out as if they actually are normal people. Yoshino is a bit of a braggart when it comes to him confronting him with the truth, but honestly if I had a friend as high strung as Mahiro I’d probably tease him a bit like that too. I guess they have given Mahiro time to think about it, and his opinions are honestly very adult, which is what we’ve come to expect from these two in the first place. In the end, they both walk home together, no feelings hurt.


Well, except for maybe Samon’s. Dude got so much grief over the Aika boyfriend thing and now he finds out the matter’s been resolved with nary a scuffle. I’d be surprised if he wasn’t at least a little depressed about that. It’s still funny watching Hakaze fawn over Yoshino. She’s coming on way too strong in my opinion, but then she has a talk with Mahiro just a little bit afterwards that makes it seem she understands how far out of her reach he really is.

The preview makes it pretty obvious what’s going down next: more time shenanigans. It’s easy to guess she will use magic to simply return to the skeleton on the island. The running theory between Lifesong and I is still that Aika is the true Mage of Exodus. So much has been revealed so quickly in this show, I wouldn’t be surprised if we find out the credibility of that theory by the next episode.


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