All Your Monies: April 22nd

Hello, and welcome to All Your Monies, where The Glorio Blog’s resident toy and figure collecting crew (and Aquagaze) will run down the last week’s new preorders, turning a loving or scathing eye over what’s been put out for you to spend your hard earned cash on. This week, it’s pretty much a pervert’s paradise, so be warned of NSFW content below.

Mei Misaki (Another)
FREEing, September, 7020JPY


Zigg: FREEing’s decent run on swimsuit figures continues, with a smart, tasteful and unique rendition of Mei. The jacket is smart and help cover up and I like the pose with the big floppy hat. About as sharp and acceptable as you can make a school swimsuit figure. Not sure about the price though

Lifesong: Mei is looking pretty good for a FREEing figure. This swimsuit and hat come from an iconic part of the anime. She is a bit pricey, but worth the money if you want an iconic piece from Another, or simply want Mei in a swimsuit.

Jel: By FREEing standards this is not too bad. It does look like Mei and they did at least try and add some detail in the straw hat, sandals, and creases of her swimsuit. Still probably not worth top dollar but it’s a solid and unique rendition of the character.

Timmy: Certainly an interesting figure of Mei here. While she does look nice in her iconic school swimsuit, and I do love the straw hat and her expression, I am not sure she is worth that 7 k.

Einhardt Stratos (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid)
Alter, September, 7000JPY


Zigg: Top-notch detail, as you’d expect from Alter, but this is just so…boring. It’s technically excellent but there’s no flair at all to either the character design or the pose. I suppose the colour is somewhat unique but it’s also flat and dull. Odd choice for Alter to devote their considerable talent to.

Lifesong: Cute, well made thanks to Alter, but also fairly boring for a Nanoha figure. I can’t imagine wanting to pick this up unless you are either a hardcore Nanoha collector or someone who knows the character.

Jel: At first glance I was almost certain this girl was from a Key visual novel. If she’s supposed to be a Nanoha, where is her crazy techno magic weaponry? I do appreciate the Alter craftsmanship and refreshing green color scheme, but other than that she just looks like another twintail loli to me.

Timmy: Pretty cute. The green color scheme and the lovely flowing hair are what really stand out to me on this figure with the mascot being a really nice touch. Yes, this Einhardt is a little simple but she is also quite elegant as well and I can really dig that.

Kobato Hasegawa (I Have Few Friends)
Media Factory, September, 6380JPY


Zigg: God it’s nice to see a character smiling for once. Having said that, I’m not that high on this overall. The texture on that dress looks bad and the paint looks muddy. Hair looks pretty cool though.

Lifesong: Poor skin tones seem to be a thing for Media Factory. Otherwise this figure is true to the character. This isn’t an awful figure by any means, but personally I would wait for Kotobukiya’s Kobato.

Jel: Going strictly on craftsmanship, Kobato looks great. I love the soft paint on her face and the ruffles in her dress are a really nice touch. The falling strap is probably a little unnecessary, but this may be the best version of Kobato out there.

Timmy: A nice Kobato in general but I am sure there are or will be better ones out there.

Sena Kashiwazaki (I have Few Friends)
Alphamax, October, 7780JPY


Zigg: HAHA IT’S FUNNY BECAUSE SHE HAS HUGE BREASTS seriously though what the fuck.

Lifesong: Why is Miss Piggy cosplaying a cow? I just can’t unsee that muppet face when I look at her. Also, I personally find this sort of thing to be in poor taste. I own nude figures that are more tasteful than this. If it were any character other than Sena it probably wouldn’t bother me as much, but as it stands I dislike how blatant the meat joke is.

Jel: There’s something disturbingly realistic about the sculpt of Sena’s body here. It both freaks me out and impresses me at the same time. My only quality concern is her face as her eyes just seem kind of… off. That may just be the lighting though. I suppose I could also crack a few meat jokes and take issue with the fact that this is a figure of Sena in a cow bikini with her top falling off, but who am I to judge?

Timmy: I live like a mile away from a dairy farm so I find myself oddly tempted to get this, and while she looks very, very silly there are a few things I do like here. The hair and face are especially notable and that fuzzy base is a nice touch. In the end though it comes down to comedic value for me and that is no where near justified at that price.

Nyaruko (Haiyore! Nyaruko-san)
Max Factory, September, 7800JPY


Zigg: This falls into that weird branch of figures that I can appreciate on a technical level but have less than zero enthusiasm for owning. Max Factory always deliver excellent sculpts and all the frills and ruffles are testament to that. But really, I’m sort of done with Nyaruko, and seeing her with fewer clothes isn’t going to change my mind about that.

Lifesong: So I have a confession to make… I love this naked apron look. And another confession, I absolutely hate this character and her show. This figure looks fantastic for what it is, but I wouldn’t want to be mistaken for a fan of the character.

Jel: I’m kind of afraid to ask what’s under the apron. Also, why is she standing on a plate? Even knowing a little about Nyaruko this is kind of a weird figure when you think about it. They really nailed it though, as the sculpt and paint look flawless. I suppose it would make an interesting conversation piece? Yeah that’s all I got.

Timmy: I don’t really like Nyaruko but at the same time I don’t hate this. It is admittedly very much in character and a very nice figure in general. Just something I wouldn’t be caught dead with on my shelf.

Mashiro Shiina (The Pet Girl of Sakurasou)
Media Factory, September, 6380JPY


Zigg: This thing looks sub-trading figure quality, is in dubious taste and I am a known hater of this show. What do you think I think?

Lifesong: Mashiro looks like a corpse. I am not sure if this sculpt is okay or not. Her face is in character, but only adds to her dead girl look. This figure has the same problem as Kobato, her skin tone is just awful, but unlike Kobato Mashiro isn’t covering it up.

Jel: I was pretty hard on Griffon’s version of Mashiro but that was much better than this. She looks totally cold and dead here and I’ve seen better sculpts on prize figures. Also, is she sitting on a cheese wheel? Get the Griffon figure or hold out for something better.

Timmy: Like the others have said, the Griffon version is much better then this. That face is lifeless and that skin color is terrible.

Super Sonico (SoniComi)
OrchidSeed, December, 9720JPY


Zigg: There’s no ‘character’ in the figure scene more boring, bland or pointless than Sonico. She’s literally just an excuse to put boobs on a figure. Having said that, this looks like a nice sculpt and the headphones are certainly pretty good. I just don’t get why.

Lifesong: I’ve been wanting to pick up a Sonico just so that I can say I have one. I love the whole pink hair, red eyed headphones look, but this is probably out of my price range for the moment. I think this is one of the better Sonico figures and I am tempted to pick her up. If she is still in stock later in the year I just might.

Jel: That is a lot of… Sonico. I never really understood her appeal. I get the whole hot curvy woman thing (although I do prefer my ladies with proportions in the realm of human possibility), but I feel like there are more interesting hot curvy figures out there. I guess her headphones and necklace are pretty neat, but is that really where anyone will be looking?

Timmy: A very nice but also very big Sonico. While I am not really a fan of her bikini figures, usually because the bikini is much too small, I do like Sonico herself. Like Life I am wanting a scale Sonico as well but I am waiting for Gift’s much more clothed version. This one is just too big and pricey for me.

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