Chihayafuru 2 Episode 15


Recap: There’s a change in the roster on both sides before Mizusawa starts their championship bout with Fujisaki. With Tsukuba and Komano clearly outmatched, will Chihaya be able to overcome the bad hand given out in this matchup, or will the stone-faced Rion seal the win for Fujisaki?

Another inbetweener this week, but I have to say I was less disappointed this time around. With the switching of teammates, this show really captured the agony of having to give up playing right before a crucial match. There’s really nothing that stings more than working so hard towards your goals, only to be replaced right before the moment of triumph. I’ve always been pulling for Kana and Komano as the underdogs, so it was especially hard to see her have to sit on the sidelines because of her injury.


While it’s usually nice to learn a bit about the opposing team, even if we aren’t going to be with them for very long, I feel like Fujisaki’s team could have been better left unsaid. The perverted captain was just downright creepy, and the tsundere pretty boy had such little bearing to the plot I honestly was confused as to why that was even being discussed in the first place. I liked the bit showing how wrought the replaced player was, but that’s all I really needed to know.

It looks like we’ll be getting right into the thick of things starting next week. With the Queen in attendance, I’d bet she’ll be one of our main commentators as she gets to see first hand how much Chihaya has grown since she crushed her just last year. While I’m still doubtful of a Mizusawa win, our heroes never fail to surprise. Here’s to an exciting final!


One thought on “Chihayafuru 2 Episode 15

  1. Because it makes for a better show when the competitors aren’t just placeholders for strong opponent A to Z. Plus, the competitive karuta community is small compared to say, baseball. They will probably reappear in later chapters/episodes. It makes sense to develop them.

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