Valvrave the Liberator: Episode 2


Recap: After being killed and mysteriously coming back to life, Haruto finds himself in L-Elf’s body. Undeterred, he’s strikes out to recover the captured Valvrave and continue his mission of revenge against Dorssia.


Gee’s Thoughts:

How a show can go from somewhat promising to immensely disappointing in the span of one episode is quite impressive in its own way. I spent half this episode groaning and the contrived circumstances and the other half laughing at the sheer ridiculousness that Valvrave tries to play straight. If Valvrave is meant to be a subtle parody of the real robot mecha genre, it’s doing a masterful job. Sadly, knowing this anime comes from this same “genius” who came up with Code Geass and Guilty Crown, I doubt it’s trying to be that understated.

I suppose the heart of the matter is that Valvrave relies on pretty much every single mecha genre cliche in the book. The dangerous pretty boys, the hilariously ridiculous powerup, and the main character crying and generally being a whiny little bitch are all found in this episode, and it’s all quite cringe worthy to witness. The fact that Haruto goes from straight up murdering people to crying about his circumstances is really quite jarring and if it was supposed to create a stark contrast between his actions and his feelings, Valvrave did a terrible job of portraying that.


 If nothing else, this episode did have one highlight. Best girl is revealed to be alive and well, against all reasonable assumptions. Too bad Haruto falls into yet another shitty cliche and fails to man up and confess his love to her. Why any self respecting person would think this was a good idea is beyond me. Here I was hoping Haruto would actually avoid the one cliche every goddamn anime falls into, but apparently just like every other anime in existence, Haruto just cannot spit it out. What with the introduction of other female characters vying for his attention, I seriously hope Valvrave isn’t trying to introduce some shitty love triangle antics. I think that’s quite possibly the only thing that could make this anime even worse.

 How this anime is competing with the likes of Attack on Titan and Gargantia for being the most popular anime of the season is completely beyond me. I am this close to dropping Valvrave for good and handing it off to somebody who can somehow manage to stomach all this. That said, I’ll stick around to witness this trainwreck, if just for a little longer.


Lifesong’s Thoughts: Vavlrave episode 2 jumps off the deep end with ridiculous silliness and I loved every moment of it. Ridiculous powers and ridiculous mecha, topped off with ridiculous drama. I see all sorts of potential for interesting development here. People can call this bad all they want, but in the end I was having fun watching it and for now that is all I really need out of Valvrave. Also, who needs the childhood friend, it’s clear from the ED that our protagonists shiny new Mecha will provide a girlfriend.

One thought on “Valvrave the Liberator: Episode 2

  1. I pray to Madoka that this is more Code Geass than Guilty Crown. That the main character gets replaced by the girl who inexplicably survived a rather destructive blast.

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