Valvrave the Liberator: Episode 6


Recap: Saki gets a Valvrave.


Gee’s Thoughts:

So let me get this straight. A girl you’re not attracted to kisses you, takes control of a giant robot, takes over your body, ruins your reputation, and then throws a little bitchfit until everybody is forced to start cheering for her, and you’re thanking her? As if Haruto couldn’t be even more of a beta than he already was. Valvrave the Liberator folks. People can offer up the likes of Oreimo or Photo Kanno as their picks for the dumbest show of the season. For me, it’s this farcical shitstain of an insult to the entire mecha genre and what it stands for.


2 thoughts on “Valvrave the Liberator: Episode 6

  1. This show started off somewhat likeable, I might give it another few episodes but since I’m already through this much of it Might as well stick around for the end just to see what happens since if there was a character who’s going to die later on Saki might be the one.

    Haruto needed to slap her or something….Slap some Sense into her whatever. She got Annoying in this episode.

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