Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger Episode 10


Recap: Now knowing the truth, the Kyoryugers try to liberate Utsusemimaru from the Dogold armour. However, with the enemy having taken Souji and Amy prisoner, this could be their toughest challenge yet.

Aquagaze‘s Thoughts: Ian escapes from Dogold’s attack by means of a fart smokescreen! Ami reveals her darkest secret: She can operate a remote control with her feet! Nobu swells up like a balloon and starts floating! Gabutyra becomes a giraffe! A giant robot wears a cape! A samurai dances! Daigo wears a moustache! Ramirez and Torin turn into magical bullets that serve the oddly specific goal of liberating a badass from being sealed in a sentient armour! Yeah, this is still Kyoryuger.

For all the nuttiness that happened in this episode, it still felt rather uneventful. Nevertheless, I am glad Kyoryuger tried its best to properly build up to the introduction of its Sixth Ranger and greatly establish on who this guy is, what his motivations are, where his powers came from and especially why he does not just want to join the team. As I see it, Utsusemimaru — Man, that dude really needs a nickname — is a pretty honourable, yet vengeful fellow, wishing to cut down all his enemies without a bunch of kids running in his way. Maybe he doesn’t want to work together with the Kyoryugers because he deems them unworthy of sharing ‘his’ battle with? Given Daigo resembles his past lord, I’m going to guess he wants the Kyoryugers to prove themselves in battle.

Estuans interius! Ira vehementi! Sephiroth!

Then again, that cannot be easy for the team if he tells them to stay back while he quite literally beats all the enemy commanders to a pulp with one hand tied to his back. Aside from being a major badass, I love how KyoryuGold transforms using a classic Warring States-era dance routine in stead of the usual samba. His costume looks awesome too, especially the little wing-shaped cape he has. Despite all that, I do find the man himself rather bland. Luckily, his debut did not push the other Kyoryugers to the sidelines, with especially Daigo getting a neat chance to show off his perfection ingenuity. He even almost punched Souji’s jerk of a dad in the face! With Utsusemiconvertible declining King’s offer at the end, I wonder how much longer it will take before he actually joins the team. Will it happen next week already, or will he remain an aloof ally for the rest of the show? It remains to be seen.

Random Observations

  • How did Torin manage to instantly recover from his wounds the moment they teleported back into the base?
  • Nice to see it was Amy’s idea to summon Ramirez. Looks like she will play an important role in cooing Utsusemavemaria into joining the team next week as well. Is this going to become a standard thing where all the Ranger Spirits fall in love with her now?
  • Speaking of next week’s episode, looks like Haruka Tomatsu herself will show up as Candelilla’s human form.
  • According to Luna from Akibaranger, director Koichi Sakamoto has a soft spot for thigh high socks. After this episode, I think it is safe to add regular pantyhose to that list as well.
  • A Kyoryuger movie has been announced! The summer spectacle, apparently a musical (yes), will star the second Spirit Ranger, KyoryuNavy and his partner Voltasaur, Tobaspino.

Screw you, show. I won't do what you tell me.

Dragonzigg‘s Thoughts: It’s a decent debut for Kyoryu Gold, but one which feels a little underwhelming given how much of him we saw last episode. Nevertheless, there’s a lot to like about this episode, and I’m particularly fond of how it shows the Kyoryugers can operate effectively apart from each other. The standard ‘As a team we’re invincible!’ powerup can often cause the individual rangers to seem alarmingly pathetic when they’re separated. That’s nicely dodged here, even if their competence is mostly played for laughs. Daigo gets the best of it of course – as Red Ranger he’s the one contractually obligated to actually get shit done – and it’s cool to see Souji’s dad again. It just makes the whole thing feel a little more like a connected universe, and the same goes for Ramirez showing up for the final battle, even if he’s obviously just a recorded cameo. Granted, Torin’s method for releasing Utsusemimaru is some grade-A plot bullshit but hey, at least its a cool looking way of making it to your plot point.

The other rangers also fare relatively well, with Amy and Souji pleasantly bucking a trend by being competent enough to escape on their own, and Ian and Nossan get in a little bit of light comedy while also showing (relatively-speaking, this is still a kids show) some battle smarts. Their ultimate solution is as goofy as hell but provides us with some funny visuals, so hey, fair play to them. It’s a cool touch seeing all of the Deboss generals out on parade as well, even if they don’t do much in the end.

[Over-Time] Voltasaur Team Kyoryuger - 10 [4C18729B].mkv_snapshot_14.37_[2013.04.23_18.44.53]

Finally, there’s Utsusemimaru/Kyoryu Gold. I’ve got to admit, I’ve always been instinctively against the snobbish, lone wolf type of Sixth Rangers. My preference leans heavily towards the cocky badass type, so my first impressions of Utsusemimaru are not super positive. I don’t like his costume either – the wings and shoulder pads make the already fussy Kyoryuger outfit a little too busy for my taste. But it’s early days yet, and he barely gets to actually do anything in this episode save the obvious plot related antics, so time will tell. And then there’s the intriguing flashback where he appears to remember Daigo from his own time. Time travel? Distant ancestor? Now here’s a plot which might have legs.

Random Observations

  • Super bummed Pteraidenoh loses the cape the moment it turns face.
  • Utsusemimaru’s sword is just a way to load multiple Beast Batteries, but I briefly held out hope his signature weapon was in fact a giant pair of scissors.
  • For the first time we skip the full role call
  • The Cambeastians are clearly the elite mooks of this season. Expect to see lots more of them
  • LOVE past-Daigo’s super fake pencil mustache. The combination of that and the tied back hair actually does a pretty good job of making him look different.

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