Attack on Titan: Episode 12

Recap: Eren’s Titan form goes berserk, throwing the plan into disarray. The rest of the recruits and the army attempt to mitigate the situation and save Eren from the oncoming Titans.

Attack on Titan: Episode 11

Recap: With Pixis confident in Eren’s ability to stop the Titan invasion of Trost, they begin to set into motion their plan: Take one of the large pieces of debris from the attack and block the hole created by the Colossal Titan.

Attack on Titan: Episode 9

Recap: After Eren emerges from the corpse of the Rogue Titan and tries to recall the events that led to the transformation, humanity’s fears come to a head as Eren, Mikasa, and Armin are in danger of being executed for treason against the state.

Attack on Titan: Episode 8

Recap: The recruits utilize the Rogue Titan’s rampage to successfully break into the regional headquarters. However, before they can replenish their supplies, they must clear out the Titans that are already inside the building.

Space Battleship Yamato 2199: Episode 7

Recap: After the battle at Pluto, the Yamato prepares to leave the Solar System once and for all. The crew hold a line-crossing ceremony and are given the opportunity to contact friends and family for what may be the last time.

Attack on Titan: Episode 7

Recap: Mikasa finally learns of Eren’s demise. Running low on gas, blades, and intact trainees, the remaining trainees rally together and attempt to retake the local headquarters to replenish their supplies.