Majestic Prince: Episode 6


Recap: Our heroes reminisce about the academy before they graduate.

Iro’s Thoughts:
I assume this episode was here to let the studio recharge their batteries or something, because very little actually happens this week. Our heroes are back in school for the express purpose of being fast-tracked to graduation and sent off for official military duties, and… that’s all that happens. A bit of both comedy and drama is milked from the idea that, to the other students, the Majestic Princes are still the Fail Five – the adoration of an underclassman never stung quite so much.

Most of the episode is taken up by our heroes packing up their belongings and reminiscing about school life. At first I thought it was somewhat pithy to encapsulate everyone’s interests as some sort of magazine they read in class, but it makes an almost depressing amount of sense in retrospect. As we are reminded, all of their memories were erased before joining the academy, which adds a weight of poignancy to the entire sequence. These are not just fond memories, they are their only memories, the experiences that define them as people.


One of Izuru’s first experiences was reading a generic shonen manga, so he thus strives to be heroic according to shonen manga standards. I’ve mentioned before that all these characters are just half a step away from being walking anime stereotypes and thus annoying to the highest degree. But, who could blame Tamaki for being obsessed with some weird of idea of romance, if all she knows of it is what she picked up from a trashy pick-up-line magazine?

To round off the episode, our heroes do a mecha demonstration for the school, almost certainly so the animators can fulfill their action scene quota for the week. There’s a heartwarming bit where the entire student body salutes our heroes as they go off to war, but then we’re thrown into a bizarre sequence that may or may not be of the Wulgaru. Or is it a scene out of that girl’s storybook? I’m not even sure. Still, MJP has been pretty straightforward, so I imagine we’ll get some answers soon enough.


Lifesong’s Thoughts:
I assume this episode is meant to be the calm before the storm. It was neat to see where Izuru’s motivation to become a hero originated. Finding inspiration from manga is silly sure, but remember that he had all his memories wiped before entering the school and it makes sense. The same goes for Tamaki with her trashy magazines. These personality traits of theirs are shallow, but they makes sense in context when you realize it’s all they know.

I am looking forward to seeing how these characters continue to grow as they are forced back into service. I have a feeling the second half of this story will be darker than the first, but that is just an assumption at this point. So far team Rabbits have been given a fairly easy ride. They have been in some tough situations, but someone else always saves them from their mess. How will they fair when they don’t have another team to back them up? How will they react when their failure gets someone killed? I hope to find out soon.


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