All Your Monies: July 1st


Hello, and welcome to All Your Monies, where The Glorio Blog’s resident toy and figure collecting crew (and Aquagaze) will run down the last week’s new preorders, turning a loving or scathing eye over what’s been put out for you to spend your hard earned cash on. This week we’ve got imoutos, mages, magical girls and, er, missing trousers?

Tsukihi Araragi (Nisemonogatari)
Good Smile Company, December, 9400JPY
Also available in a green kimono version, exclusive to the Good Smile Company Online Store at 11,800JPY


Zigg: Very, very pretty. I love the inclusion of the jungle gym, it means we can have a much more interesting and unusual pose, and all the masks are a really great little way to add colour to the figure. I’m all about the pink version, but it’s nice GSC made the green option available, even if it’s going to cost you more.

Jel: At risk of taking it for granted, the level of craftsmanship kind of goes without saying with GSC’s Monogatari line. While not quite as awesome as Karen’s steamroller, the little jungle gym thing makes for a really striking red base and accentuates Tsukihi’s pose. What I was really surprised by was the green kimono version. The thought had crossed my mind when I considered a lot of people might be collecting these as a set, and it would be kind of odd having a bunch of characters looking just like they do in the anime with one standing out as different. So even though it’s more pricey, that’s cool GSC has given people the option.

Aqua: The slightly less incestuous and slightly more ill-tempered Araragi sister is the next in line for Good Smile’s gorgeous line of Bakemonogatari dioramas. Based on Akio Watanabe’s original promo art, this version of Tsukihi serves as a fantastic example of Good Smile’s craftsmanship, with not only a flawless sculpt, but a copious serving of excellently crafted little details as well. I actually prefer the cheaper version with the pink kimono pictured here; it nicely complements the colour palette of the masks and the jungle gym. A very noticeable seam in her arm does spoil the overall package a bit (Zigg’s note – this is the cut of the cloth, it’s intentional), and I do have some questions about whether kimonos actually do accentuate one’s buttocks to such a degree. Then again, at least all of her clothes are nicely in place, which already makes this figure more tasteful than about 75% of Nisemonogatari. Platinum rad!

Lifesong: I love the Kimono. I am not a big fan of the character… I mean she just isn’t very important even in her own story arc. That said, this a lovely figure.

Timmy: Since I have Karen on order I pretty much have to get Tsukihi, but man GSC, why you gotta do this to me. You know I suck at making decisions and now you are making me choose. Pink looks to be the superior print and, depending on how the final shipping cost is going to be, the better price as well. But I can’t help but think that teal will look better next to her sister. The bits that both versions share, the painting on the masks, that jungle gym thing, and the sculpt in general all look great though and one of these versions will find itself on my shelf.

Ultimate Madoka Figure Japan ver. (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)
Good Smile Company, December, 7500JPY (with magazine)


Zigg: A very weird thing. Why take one of the most acclaimed figures of last year, scale it down to 1/10 and re-release it with a partial new sculpt? That’s not to say it looks bad – I’m sure it’ll be very impressive. But the actual, full size figure has been warming shelves for a while now at dangerously close to this cost. Very much one for completists only.

Jel: I’m kind of sad that I find this boring. Maybe it just needs some paint? Or a new base? Or a new pose? Or my brain has seen too many Madoka figures? All of the above? Let’s go with all of the above.

Aqua: More Madoka is always a good thing, but this incarnation of “Ultimate Madoka” is a bit tame in comparaison to the amazing one Good Smile Company dropped earlier this year. The Figure Japan Madoka is less badass and more benevolent, but the baroque tendencies of her outfit remain a sight to behold in three dimensions. Nevertheless, the part of the dress touching the base for obvious support is utterly distracting, causing the nice symmetry of the top half to be thrown entirely out of kilter. As long as this thing does not get a proper colouring, I feel it is a bit too early to judge, but if I were you, I would not bother waiting and just cough up the 8000 yen for that gorgeous regular version.

Lifesong: More Madoka… no thanks.

Timmy: Pretty much Madoka-ed out at this point but that won’t stop GSC from milking the franchise. Seriously, the original Godoka is dirt cheap right now and, depending on how heavy that magazine is, the shipping costs for both could be more similar then you think.

Tharja (Fire Emblem: Awakening)
Good Smile Company, December, 8620JPY


Zigg: Clearly someone at Nintendo is getting super fired. Having said that, I’m sure it’s a fantastically made figure, but did we really need this?

Jel: DAT….. stack of books. I could say something about how this is a gorgeous figure and I love the dark color scheme and paint work, but instead I am going to do the mature thing and link this video.

Aqua: Bubble butt / bubble bubble bubble butt / bubble butt / bubble bubble butt / bubble butt / bubble bubble butt / turn around, stick it out / show the world you got a …

Lifesong: Huh? Sorry I am a little distracted.

Timmy: What everyone else has said. A great figure with great hair, face, clothes, books, skull, ect. sporting quite the rear.

Gee: As a Fire Emblem fan and as a man who ended up marrying Tharja in my game, this is one fiiiiiiine figure. Now my lack of experience in collecting means I can’t even really say if this is truly a great figure or not, but if I had less dignity, I’d gladly pick this up. Now if they released a figure for Cordelia, Cherche, or Sully…

Kuroyukihime (Accel World)
Chara-Ani, September, 7340JPY


Zigg: Finally Kuroyukihime becomes the ironing board she always resembled.

Jel: I’m not sure what is happening here. Is she doing a backflip? Is she lying down on an invisible bed or something? It’s certainly a unique pose, but I’m not sure that’s a good thing in this case. Despite still being super thin, she also seems to have a slightly more mature look than usual, but maybe that’s just me. I can’t say this is a bad figure as it certainly looks interesting and seems to be well made, I just don’t understand what they’re going for here. 

Aqua: Her again? At the very least, unlike the many, many Asuna figures being farted out at 300 miles per hour, most companies actually try to make some good use of Kuroyukihime’s rather extravagant design. The problem with a wacky pose such as this one, however, is that you eventually end up with a figure that is impossible to display properly. Like all other Kuroyukihime figures it is disturbingly skinny, and like all other Kuroyukihime figures it is also completely okay. It’s decent. It’s passable. If you think it looks nice in your room, get it. What else do you want me to say?

Lifesong: Given Chara-Ani’s track record expect this figure will actually look pretty poor when she is released. Honestly though this prototype looks good if a bit odd. I can’t imagine a good way to display and there are already several other much better versions of this character in figure form.

Timmy: I am still not sure what to think of this Kroyukihime. Everything seems pretty nice but the pose is the real talking point here. I am not quite sure what is going on but at the same time I want to give props for being something with a bit of an offbeat and interesting pose. She will probably attract a good bit of attention to herself in a collection and not because she is in a modestly revealing outfit that shows she needs to eat more.

Perrine Clostermann (Strike Witches)
Alter, November, 6990JPY


Zigg: As ever with these Strike Witches figures it’s a doomed battle between Alter’s superior craft and the skeeviness of the source material. I really like the glasses/blonde hair/ blue blazer look, and as ever Alter do some of their best work on cloth. The gun is beautifully detailed too and the alternative sword option is neat. Still, no.

Jel: Wait there’s MORE Strike Witches???? Haven’t they done one for every country at this point? I guess if I have to say something useful I am really impressed with the wear and tear on her gun. Also her stockings make it so you almost can’t tell she’s flying around in her underwear, but if you’re buying Strike Witches figures I suppose that is not a positive.

Aqua: Sorry Alter, but even if you raise Michelangelo from the grave, have him sculpt a figure out of 24 carats of gold and ivory and deliver it right onto my doorstep, nothing you can do will ever make me regard Strike Witches as anything but a complete and utterly stupid joke that has been going on for way too long. Certainly, your figure is well-crafted, dynamic, neatly detailed and equipped with an energetic pose… heck, it’s even somewhat reasonably priced, but none of that will change the fact that this is 16-year-old girl whose legs have been replaced by a WWII-era fighter jet and who flies around in her pants whenever she’s not involved in some good old underaged skinship in some hot springs somewhere. That even stopped being dumb two years ago.

Lifesong: Why is she wearing pants? Wait is she wearing panties OVER a jumpsuit? Maybe they the used a vacuum to remove all the air? The circulation in her legs must be pretty poor. I kind of feel bad for her…

Timmy: Alter’s Strike Witch line has always been in the look but don’t buy category. Well, save for Sanya anyways. And British girl Perrine continues that tradition. As usual everything looks great, with that gun being a high light for me. Her face, hair, uniform, and plane legs are all pretty nice as well but seeing as this is Alter that is a give in. Its also nice to see someone else at least attempt to wear pants, as rare as that is.

Beach Queens Demon King (Maoyu)
Wave, November, 3320JPY


Zigg: Way better than it needed to be. Beach Queens are always at their best when they do a little something to jazz up their basic presentation and the lovely hat and tasteful saron combo here definitely fit the bill. In addition her boobs are just about within the limits of believability. This one’s a winner as far as Beach Queens go.

Jel: This is actually a really fun Beach Queen. They could have just stretched on a black bikini and called it a day but the little skirt/sarong thing and straw hat are a nice way to class this thing up a bit. I’m not sure the modern clothing fits the character, but then again neither does the concept of a Beach Queen.

Aqua: Why do they even have sun hats and modern swimsuits in Medieval Fantasy Lan– You know what, never mind, I refuse to comment on this abomination any further.

Lifesong: Maoyu is looking pretty great here. It’s interesting to see how they modernized the outfit and managed to keep it in character. The sunhat in particular is a perfect fit for the character. I am tempted to pick this one up. I think that would make her my first and possibly last beach queen, but I love this character and the show she is from so I just might do it.

Timmy: Mayou turned out pretty interesting and its great to see she didn’t end up having boobs flowing everywhere like she easily could have. That top seems to be providing ample support and is doing a good job keeping those things at bay. The face looks nice and she has some fun accessories with that hat, horns, and skirt. I think Wave did a pretty delightful job on her and I really do like how she turned out. Hell,  I even find myslef a little tempted to pick her up.

Mikoto Misaka (A Certain Scientific Railgun)
Chara-Ani, September, 6520JPY


Zigg: I just can’t understand the fascination with making borderline porny versions of Mikoto. Actually, I understand it perfectly, but I wish I didn’t. Come on guys, nobody has yet truly knocked it out of the park with an amazing action Mikoto, someone step up to the plate. Then we can all buy that and creepy crap like this can go rot.

Jel: I just want a good Mikoto with her shooting lighting. Preferably wearing a skirt, or pants, or shorts, or whatever. That’s all I want. Also, why is she kneeling on a frisbee? 

Aqua: The curse of Mikoto strikes again! Seriously, guys, how hard can it be? You go as far as to steal the poor girl’s skirt and break her spine in half and it still does not result into anything remotely resembling something passable. What is with this insane obsession with making Mikoto look like some awkward, pouty brat? Do you want an accurate representation of Mikoto being caught in a compromising pose? How about one where she looks as if she’s about to kick your nuts off? It’s dumb, it’s lazy, it’s creepy and it’s obviously made by someone who knows everything he knows about Mikoto from Nyantype centerfolds and doujinshi. Whatever happened to the badass tomboy we know and love?

Lifesong: Ah so Misaka is taking a page from the Strike Witches book I see. Someone should let her know that they are wearing vacuum sealed jumpsuits over their panties now. In all seriousness this figure is kind of cute, but given the fact that she is what 14 at most? It is a little much for me. Add that to the fact that that this is Chara-Ani and it becomes pretty hard to have anything positive to say about her.

Timmy: As far as Mikoto figure go I would much rather see her kicking some poor fools ass then, well, something like this. From a technical standpoint this looks nice but really, why does she not have pants? What is the context here? Although with the clothes-teleporting Kuroko around I guess nothing is too far fetched in the Railgun universe.

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