All Your Monies: August 12th 2013


Hello, and welcome to All Your Monies, where The Glorio Blog’s resident toy and figure collecting crew (and Aquagaze) will run down the last week’s new preorders, turning a loving or scathing eye over what’s been put out for you to spend your hard earned cash on. This week there’s actually stuff you’d buy! Plus torpedo tits.

Aladdin (Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic)
Megahouse, December, 5910JPY


ZiggI’m absolutely in love with everything about this figure. The big baggy parachute pants, the flying hair, the simple but dynamic pose and the really great scupt and detailing. Plus it’s just a pleasure to be able to lead this feature with a male figure, and a genuinely great looking one too. Pre-ordered.

Jel: Aladdin looks pretty cool here, with everything looking exactly the way it should. The pose has a nice fluid motion to it that really adds life and character. I also like the wood effect on his staff and gold paint on his flute, both of which add a nice level of detail to a design visually dominated by his giant white pants. Coming in under 6000 yen, this is definitely a steal for Magi fans.

Timmy: Looking pretty sweet. I love the amount of movement and all the little detail with his hair, staff, and flute. And at a pretty nice price too. A great catch for any Magi fan and definitely gives me hope that Megahouse will make their Morgiana look just as good. I usually stick to spending my limited funds on the ladies but I find myself pretty tempted with Aladdin here.

Melvin Dark Marik (Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters)
Kotobukiya, December, 6860JPY


Zigg: Two for two with the boys! Marik looks outstanding here, Koto somehow capturing that mad mane of hair and marshalling it into his trademark look. The body has the same excellent work all the Yu-Gi-Oh figures have had with plentiful cloth detail and the extra face, depicting him even more psycho than normal, is a great touch. Another winner.

Jel: I really don’t care much about Yu-Gi-Oh but I have been impressed with the figure line. As dumb as his hair style looks, it’s amazingly well sculpted, and the detail on his flat black shirt is definitely a level above what most figures would have. I guess my only question is, does anyone actually care about this guy? No really, I don’t know who anyone from Yu-Gi-Oh aside from the main guy and Dark Magician Girl, someone please fill me in.

Timmy: Koto has put out some pretty great Yu-Gi-Oh figures and Marik here isn’t any different. That crazy spikey hair turned out great as did that face. Also loving all the gold details on him. A pretty great showing once again by Kotobukiya.

Nono/Buster Machine #7 (Diebuster)
Sentinel, November, 5150JPY


Zigg: Given how iconic Nono is you would have thought that there would be way more figures of her. As it is this version is bound to be high quality, given it’s part of the RIO:bone line that has produced exceptionally good versions of Gurren Lagann and Canti already. As with them, my major issue is the price, and it’s exacerbated by the fact that, obligatory hands ad face aside, Nono is very accessory light. Still, difficult to resist.

Jel: If this was 1000-2000 yen cheaper I’d buy this in a heartbeat, but as it stands I don’t think this is the Nono I want. While her Buster form is supremely cool, it’s a pretty simple design and honestly I always think of the Nono I know and love as the version with pink hair and orange jump suit. I kind of had the same dilemma with RIO:Bone’s amazing green and red Canti figures, but at least those came with a ton of extras to help justify the price. It’s a tough call but I think I’m going to pass.

Timmy: As the others have said, a pretty sweet Nono, but a little light on the extras and a little heavy on the price. There is always hope of it going down in the aftermarket I suppose.

Hibiki Ganaha (the iDOLM@STER)
Phat! Comapny, January 2014, 6300JPY


Zigg: OK we get a face full of butt, but otherwise this is actually a great figure. I love the high energy pose and the bright blue and white jacket really catches my eye for some reason. Add to that excellent work on the hair, the boots and the face and you’ve got an Idolmaster figure that’s definitely a cut above the norm.

Jel: You know what, I’m just going to come out and say it. I kind of like Hibiki’s design, both here and in other figures. Maybe it’s the giant ponytail, the fang, or just the amount of joy that seems to come from her poses, but usually they look great and this is a good example. The aforementioned ponytail and details like how her shirt lifts slightly off her body add a ton of motion, and the hands in her pocket is kind of a unique little touch. Not a bad price either, so for Hibiki fans I say go for it.

Timmy: Hibiki was probably my second favorite girl from the show behind Miki so its great to see her get a nice figure like this. A great, energetic pose and a face to match really sell this figure, as she looks like she is having loads of fun with whatever she is doing. Her hair and footwear are also both really nicely done and of course you can’t leave out her little animal buddy. Definitely a keeper in my book.

Asuka (Senran Kagura)
CM’s Corporation, October, 8820JPY


Zigg: I…I can’t even. How does that work? What specific laws of physics have been repealed to allow knockers to stand up like that? Or does she just have invisible fishing line attached to her nipples?

Jel: Oh Senran Kagura, you are so ridiculous and you just don’t care. This is probably one of the better Asuka figures out there, but as Zigg notes this does not make any sense.

Timmy: Really, this Asuka isn’t terrible, she just has one, well, two fatal flaws with that unrealistic rack. Even if she is squeezing them a little, they still have to obey the laws of gravity as least somewhat. The outcome here though just makes the whole thing look silly. Save your money since with all the players picking up Senran lately there will be better Asukas to come, or go grab Bandai’s if you really gotta have her now.

Labrys (Persona 4 Arena)
Megahouse, December, 15000JPY (Megatrea store exclusive)


Zigg: This is an incredibly huge, bold design and Megahouse looks to have really invested in it, with amazing detail on every part of the figure. The pose is unconventional but actually works and highlights not only the great sculpt but the cool base too. In short, it’s superb but given the double whammy of an insane price and an exclusive status (which will bump the price even further because of the need for proxies) I doubt many people will get to own her.

Jel: I think I might actually like this better than Alter’s upcoming version. While that will no doubt be sculpted in stunning detail, this is just so unique and eye catching that it’s hard not to like. I’m also kind of a sucker for the transluscent candy hair, which just seems oddly appropriate for a robot girl. At a more reasonable price I’d give this some consideration, but sadly it seems like there will just be too many financial hurdles to leap to make it happen.

Timmy: Woah, really quite nice. With that price and the hoops due to her exclusivity I am not even going to bother with this one though. Hardcore fans only.

Gee: Damn this is really cool yo. Great pose and design really makes it stand out. As a big fan of Labrys, this is the kinda figure I’d love to own. Something you can appreciate for its technical merits, not just something you’d ogle at. Alas at such an absurdly high price, I don’t see myself owning it in the near future. Alter’s version of Labrys is already too rich for my blood. Still, one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a while and I’ll gladly admire it from afar.

5 thoughts on “All Your Monies: August 12th 2013

  1. Not any that I would buy, but that’s mostly because i’m not familiar with any of those characters (except Melvin, of course 😉 I can’t help but wonder how many people will know that reference).

    • I too own Triumphant Saber Excalibur, and she’s a gorgeous figure. As for Melvin, I think more people get that joke than you might think :p

    • I love that Saber figure and have one myself.(I think several of us here have one actually) And yes figure collecting is an expensive hobby so I can’t really blame you. Phat company have been making cool stuff lately. I probably won’t buy it, but I am curious to see their Dangan Ronpa stuff painted myself, that sculpt is looking pretty great.

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