Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya: Episode 5


Recap: Illya and Miyu can’t handle Saber, so Rin and Luvia transform into Kaleido Ruby/Sapphire to finish the fight.

Iro’s Thoughts:
What is there even to say at this point? Ilya and Miyu shoot a bunch of stuff at Saber and it doesn’t work because she has a “mist of mana” around her or something. Hey, remember how the Saber class has built-in Magic Resistance in Fate/Stay Night proper? Let’s not use that at all! Let’s just give her some weird energy barrier instead. Sure. Whatever.

Anyway, because Rin and Luvia are more experienced at being magical girls, they put up a better fight against Saber (you expect me to believe Rin can last more than half a second against King Arthur in close-range swordplay? hah) and the episode ends on a cliffhanger where they have the upper hand. Fun times, I guess. Tune in next week for it not working and Illya using the Archer class card.

Look, I know some people enjoy this show, but it’s probably a bad sign when I find the guest artist end card to be more entertaining than the preceding episode.


4 thoughts on “Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya: Episode 5

  1. // (you expect me to believe Rin can last more than half a second against King Arthur in close-range swordplay? hah)

    Yes, you should because kaleidostick is a mystic code made by Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg, one of the strongest characters in Fate Universe. In Heaven’s Feel route of F/SN visual novel, Rin was able to fight equally against Dark Sakura by using a projection of Jewel Sword, another mystic code of Zelretch. Note that Dark Sakura was able to devour the King of Heroes, Gilgamesh, AND turned both Saber and Berserker into her familiars by a mere touch. Yet, Rin was able to give her, who devoured Gilgamesh for breakfast, a hard time.

    Also, please remember that Rin is in fact powerful enough to kill a servant even without a mystic code. This is shown in Fate route and F/SN anime where Rin took one of Berserker’s 12 lifes using her magecraft.

    Besides, Saber isn’t as powerful as you think. I mean, Assassin bested her in swordplay, Zero’s Berserker dominated her, and even Kuzuki, an ordinary human, was able to give her a difficult time, barehanded!

    Last but not least, Saber’s physical form, abilities, & stats here are based entirely on Saber Alter/Black Saber, that is Saber after she’s corrupted & altered by Angra Mainyu in Heaven’s Feel route. Her agility was degraded to D-rank which is why Rin was able to match her speed. Originally her agility value was C with Shirou as her master (B with Rin; A with Kiritsugu). Though, this doesn’t mean that she’s weaker because both her strength & endurance were raised to A (which is why she’s incredibly tough).

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