All Your Monies: August 26th 2013


Hello, and welcome to All Your Monies, where The Glorio Blog’s resident toy and figure collecting crew (and Aquagaze) will run down the last week’s new preorders, turning a loving or scathing eye over what’s been put out for you to spend your hard earned cash on. This week piracy is a recurring theme.

Marika Katou (Boadacious Space Pirates)
Amakuni, February 2014, 10990 JPY (Hobby Japan exclusive)


Zigg: Absolutely stunning, this thing has everything I look for in a figure. Terrific movement, wonderful clothes, some lovely detail, a great pose and cute character I like. Why oh why then must it be an exclusive, and obnoxiously expensive to boot?

Timmy: Beautiful. All that good stuff Zigg said and well, all the bad stuff as well about that obnoxious price and all. Amakuni definitely has the skill to back their prototype up though so form a line an prepare your money and valuables for raiding. I love her nendo and enjoyed the show itself so I am definitely not passing up this opportunity of acquiring a Marika scale.

Iro: Yarr mateys! She’s certainly rocking the cutlass-and-pistol pirate look, except it’s not a proper flintlock pistol. But I guess this is the future, so why would it be? Hell, what I should be asking is why isn’t it a laser pistol?

Nendoroid Saber Alter (Fate/Stay Night)
Good Smile Company, December, 3070JPY


Zigg: I’ve always been a fan of Saber Alter’s striking design and this miniaature version does a good kob of scaling back on size whike maintaining all the distinctive recognisable points Not so big on the whole ‘super poseable’ thing they’ve got going though – the cookie cutter appearance of Nendoroids is part of their charm to me. Still, it’s a great mini figure and again, always nice to see a Nendoroid who isn’t a schoolgirl.

Timmy: Pretty cool design makes a pretty sweet looking nendo. I wonder if GSC is going to  address the fact this Super Movable subline is a total pain in the ass to pose though.

Iro: Uh… yep, that’s Saber Alter alright. Okay then.

Madoka Kaname yukata ver. (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)
FREEing, March 2014, 7100JPY


Zigg: I really like the extremely pale shade of pink they’ve used here and there’s tons of lovely details like the brilliant Kyubey bag or the good work on the cloth around the wrap. But given a yukata gives Madoka such a slim profile (as opposed the the big poofiness of her magical girl outfit) it makes the wideface even more noticeable than normal, and that pushes this slightly into uncanny valley territory for me. Shame.

Timmy: Cute, and has a lot better face (and price) then the exclusive one GSC is putting out. The Kyubey  charm thing is also a great touch. Not a bad job FREEing.

Iro: I wish I had more to say about this stuff. Were they ever in yukatas in the show? I’m pretty sure they weren’t. It seems to me you’d want to make figures of striking moments or well-known poses, but I guess there are only so many of those. Gotta make those merchandise bucks!

Velvet (Shining Ark)
Alphamax, January 2014, 8550JPY


Zigg: Tonu Taka continues to draw very attractive ladies and Alphamax continues to render them into high quality, well detailed figures I have absolutely no interest in buying. Bonus points this time for a cool base and a nice pose.

Timmy: Velvet here remindes me of my lovely swimsuit Nanoha, only with a little bit more emphasis on being sexy with those crossed legs. Lots of fine details make her shine and that face is easily the highlight as it is absolutely wonderful. Not quite the stellar version of Velvet in this year’s Tony calendar that I have been waiting forever for but damn close enough. I would complain about the price but she wouldn’t be a pirate if she didn’t steal all your money. Ordered.

Iro: Those certainly are boobs and a butt. Or should I go for the low-hanging fruit and make a joke about pirate booty?

Real Action Heroes Asuka (Evangelion 3.0)
Medicom, May 2014, 14,200 JPY


Zigg: This is approximately the one-billionth version of Asuka that’s shown up in the real action heroes line and though I continue to admire the skill and the detail, particularly the excellent face, there’s not much to get worked up about here. Also than new Evangelion 3.0 plugsuit is gross.

Timmy: Ewwww, that plugsuit is hideous. I suppose if its your thing though this otherwise isn’t a bad RAH to throw your money at.

Iro: Was that what the plugsuit looked like in 3.0? That movie was such a poorly-constructed blur to me. This certainly doesn’t look worth the price.

Rudol von Stroheim (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure)
Di Molto Bene, November, 7820JPY


Zigg: Nothing I say could possibly make this any better, so let’s just bask in the glory shall we?

Timmy: What on earth is going o… You know what, never mind. I’ll roll with it as this looks badass. I just hope he doesn’t have to fly anywhere anytime soon otherwise security will have a field day.


3 thoughts on “All Your Monies: August 26th 2013

  1. @Iro: “… Were they ever in yukatas in the show? …”

    From the amiami link it seems like they’re starting a “Y-STYLE” line which sounds like an all-yugata-girl figures. Think Beach Queen with a little more class and way less creepy.

    I’m really temped to pick this one up. The yugata is really stunning. If most of them are this nice this will be a great line to follow. I’m already a FREEing fan anyway.

  2. I haven’t seen the series but I love that first pirate figure, lots of excellent detail without looking overdone. I’d be curious to see what the hair looks like from the back though.

    I’ve never really liked the neondoroid figures…and that’s totally not how you hold a sword =P

    And that last one…I don’t even have any words for that ridiculousness XD

    • Unfortunately with exclusives like this we don’t get the comprehensive preview galleries regular releases get. Keep your eyes open though, I’m sure someone will get their hands on the prototype and put it in a studio at some point.

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