Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya: Episode 7


Recap: Illya molests Miyu for a while and then freaks out after blowing up Assassin.

Iro’s Thoughts:
Aaaaaaand we’re right back to dumb anime lesbian antics. Miyu is a maid at Luvia’s mansion! Ilya’s an otaku and thus loves maids! So of course the logical course of action is for Ilya to invite Miyu over and start molesting her in that way that only ever happens in stupid anime. Did you perhaps think for even a moment that they wouldn’t end up like Nanoha and Fate? If so, please re-assess your ability to analyze media. The entire segment was just skeevy, creepy, and unnecessary, but I guess those adjectives could describe this entire spinoff.

The back half is the most boring fight of all time against Assassin (and for dramatic effect I guess they used the Assassin from Fate/Zero who has multiple bodies instead of True Assassin from Fate/Stay Night. Effort!), mostly made up of slow pans (including one in particular that was just made of very obvious CG) and Ilya’s internal monologue until she literally explodes and kills all the Assassins at once. I guess they blew all their budget on last week’s fight?

At any rate, next week seems to be the requisite “I’m the hero but I’m going to mope around for a while until my friends need me to save the day!” episode that exists in all shonen. Oh boy.


One thought on “Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya: Episode 7

  1. iilya having a ten year old boy rival her age would taint this show somehow since miyu is just fate testarossa from nanoha but with black hair and yellow eyes and turn off the man children who think “kid girl on girl is hot! all embrace yuri!” pff its crap like this series that makes it hard for mahou shoujo to be good anymore. remember saint tail, wedding peach, sailor moon, and pretear these shows have stood the test of time why because the creators didn’t need to use gimmicks to hook an audience and knew how to create a sophisticated mature atmosphere that anyone can get behind. unlike the new goth mahou shoujo were action, out of nowhere lesbian antics, and being edgy is more important than characters and story.

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