Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger Episode 27

[Over-Time] Voltasaur Team Kyoryuger - 27 [915AA18E].mkv_snapshot_15.13_[2013.09.05_10.14.55]

Recap: The show turns into some bizarre mix of pro wrestling, dance classes and softcore pornography.

Aqua‘s thoughts: Super Sentai is often known for something fans like to call “dadservice”. In other words, it is not for the five-to-ten-year old target audience that all the girls with speaking parts in Kyoryuger are gorgeous idols with a remarkable preference for short shorts and thigh-high socks. If daddy gets dragged out of bed at seven in the morning on Sundays, at least give him something neat to watch when he has to entertain his energetic offspring. One day, however, someone on the Kyoryuger staff must have realized that there is another parent whom they can wholeheartedly coax into buying lots of toys for their beloved son and/or daughter, of which we this week got to witness the amazing result. What better way to make sure mummies nationwide catch eye of your sweet new powerup? How about some “Fifty Shades of Red”?

[Over-Time] Voltasaur Team Kyoryuger - 27 [915AA18E].mkv_snapshot_10.19_[2013.09.06_18.04.04]

If you have paid any attention whatsoever to my occasional input on this site’s Sword Art Online coverage, you might know that I am not the biggest fan of characters who are perfect in any way, shape or form and keep hogging the spotlight with countless powerups they pull straight out of their backsides. Luckily, Daigo is interesting enough to get away with yet another exclusive upgrade, and it is hard to have any qualms with a guy tearing three monsters a new one by ripping his shirt off, brawling his way through their henchmen in his full shirtless glory and then using a tiny dinosaur robot to dance everything to death. That is, unless you are some homophobic neckbeard who hates fun.

I would talk a bit more about everything that is not Daigo taking his shirt off, but that was honestly all that really happened this episode. There were some fun jokes and some fantastic unmorphed fight sequences, a personal favourite of director Koichi Sakamoto, to get us through the episode nevertheless. It is nice to see Kyoryuger, a show already excelling in filler nonsense, avoids the pitfalls its counterpart, Kamen Rider Wizard, is still rotting in, and does more with its two-parters than simply padding them out for the sake of a clifhanger. So in stead of people doing nothing, we get a sweaty boy without his shirt on “becoming one” with his dinosaur robot buddy, after which they do dance all night.

… This is a kids’ show, I swear.

[Over-Time] Voltasaur Team Kyoryuger - 27 [915AA18E].mkv_snapshot_13.18_[2013.09.06_18.08.11]

Zigg‘s Thoughts: This episode somehow manages to be even more insane than a standard Kyoryuger episode, no mean feat quite frankly. As you’ll know by now, that’s praise rather than criticism, and this episode was one of the most wackily enjoyable in quite some time, and made up a fair bit for what we both felt was a slightly lacklustre start to this arc.

The sheer insanity does however disguise the fact that not a great deal actually happens in this episode, and it’s certainly not one that will stand out for deep, meaningful character development or meaningful plot advances. Instead, it relies on the two things Kyoryuger has excelled at, funny jokes and completely over the top action. There’s some great bits of humour in this episode, be it the (slightly dubious) attempts to lure Dino-Daigo out by tying Amy to a pole King Kong style, or Utchy’s extended fake transformation sequence involving what can only be described as Samurai twerking. Come at us search engines!

[Over-Time] Voltasaur Team Kyoryuger - 27 [915AA18E].mkv_snapshot_14.55_[2013.09.06_18.09.17]

The action meanwhile comes courtesy of some extended, very enjoyable unmorphed fights, something of a favourite of series director Koichi Sakamoto. He cuts the action hard and rapidly and some really excellent choreography and shot choices make the fights very exciting. There’s an impressive amount of work from the actors themselves, and when they’re not up to it the doubling is subtle and the stunt work very strong.

And then there’s Daigo’s extended spotlight-stealing session at the end, which is so bizarre in a completely over-the-top way that you have to love it. Why does he feel the need to rip his shirt Hulk Hogan-style before attacking the mooks? Who knows, but I doubt very many will be complaining. In the same vein, Carnival Mode is so stupid on so many levels it actually attains some sort of twisted genius, if nothing else for the bombastic presentation, which involves an (even for Sentai) excessive level of explosions, even greater levels of dance based combat, and enemies exploding into fireworks when they’re killed. God I love this show.

[Over-Time] Voltasaur Team Kyoryuger - 27 [915AA18E].mkv_snapshot_19.34_[2013.09.06_18.11.14]

Random Observations

  • New credits! Nice to see Ramirez and Tessai in there, though Tessai has mysteriously grown hair
  • Once again Yayoi doesn’t join the team, even though the rest of them are in big trouble.
  • Nobuharu busts out a DDT and a chokeslam, while Amy gets flashy with a full Hurricanrana!
  • Gotta love that joint “WOW!” from Amy and Yayoi at the end there.
  • Dancing heroes of the week – The samurai troop, who even throw in some fancy flips at the end!


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