All Your Monies: September 16th 2013


Hello, and welcome to All Your Monies, where The Glorio Blog’s resident toy and figure collecting crew (and Aquagaze) will run down the last week’s new pre-orders, turning a loving or scathing eye over what’s been put out for you to spend your hard earned cash on. This week it’s an enjoyably high quality, diverse range. See, we don’t always hate everything!

Signum ‘Der Stolz sogar eines Ritters’ ver. (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha THE MOVIE 2nd A’s)
Alter, January 2014, 15140JPY


Zigg: This is Alter at their absolute best. Look at the insane level of detail here, from those metal boots to the individual cooling vents on her weapon to the great hair. It’s a fantastic pose too, and the addition of all three of Signum’s signature weapons is an unexpected delight. I was all ready to buy this before I saw that price. Look, I know it’s a big and very complex figure, but holy crap. Going to hold out on this one in the hope that it ends up in a few bargain bins.

Jel: It’s been a long time since I’ve been impressed with a Nanoha figure, but color me impressed. I think it’s the combination of seeing a character we don’t often see with absolutely stunning quality, even by Alter’s high standards. If I could point out one small detail, the matte finish on her armor looks fantastic. The rest of it, well just look at it! Nanoha fans, you’ve come this far, now finish the fight and buy this.

Iro: I like the pose and the props and what not, but that seems to be really expensive. I guess you pay for quality?

Marlin:Yeah, I gotta agree with Iro. Still, the figure is absolutely beautiful and actually tastefully shows off some leg while still looking pretty clean.

Elizabeth/Elizabeth Christmas ver. (Persona 3)
Ques Q, December, 9440JPY


Zigg: I’ve never quite understood the love for Elizabeth, but she’s certainly got a striking character design and Ques Q have turned it into a really nice looking figure. The pose is sort of weird but manages to avoid looking uncomfortable and the painters have done a great job shading all that blue. The Christmas variant is a cheeky little idea that I really like, but I can’t imagine anyone picking it up unless they’re getting the regular version as well. Speaking of which, that price is a little high, but not so much that it’s a deal breaker. Looks like a solid get.

Jel: This particular Elizabeth has been in the works for awhile now and the final product looks pretty great. It really boils down to whether you’re a fan of her relatively simple, monochromatic “elevator attendant” look, and whether you’re willing to shell out what seems to be an absurd amount of money for a 1/8 scale figure. I think the Christmas recolor actually comes from Soejima’s art, so it’s not totally out of left field. Like most recolors though, I couldn’t see anyone but the hardest of die hard fans picking it up.

Iro: Elizabeth is whimsical enough that donning a Christmas-themed outfit seems perfectly in-character for her. On the other hand, while having what amounts to a palette-swap makes some sort of meta-sense since her last appearance was in a fighting game, it does sort of come across as a cash grab.

Marlin:I actually like the red Christmas outfit more than her usual one. I think it contrasts well with the blue of the persona card and it really makes her stand out.

Nendoroid Kuroko Shirai (A Certain Scientific Railgun)
Good Smile Company, February 2014, 2870JPY


Zigg: While I continue to be fatigued with Nendoroids, I loved Mikoto and Kuroko is a pretty great complement to that. You’ve got an absolutely fabulous suite of faces and some neat accessories. Every Kuroko figure ever has done the whipping the bandoleer out effect but it remains cool, and what else needs to be said about the panties hat?

Jel: Let’s be honest: once you’ve seen the amazingly perverse panties hat accessory, all other nendoroid accessories are irrelevant. Much like their take on Mikudayo, I’m at least glad to see GSC still has a sense of humor. The rest of this is pretty much what you’d expect with a Kuroko nendoroid and therefore not as interesting, but she would look pretty cool paired up with the Mikoto nendo.

Iro: I… why is she wearing panties on her head?

Marlin:Lesbians, Iro. Lesbians.

Asuna Knights of the Blood ver. (Sword Art Online)
Good Smile Company, April 2014, 8030JPY


Zigg: Very cool. This pose could look awkward if the details weren’t all spot on but they are, and as a result it radiates movement and poise. As ever GSC excel at paint and fine detail, and touches like the flutter of her skirt and the flourish of her hair just make it stand out all the more. The best Asuna yet.

Jel: Out of all the Asunas we’ve seen, I think this might be my favorite. It has a certain graceful power to it that not even Kotobukiya’s version can match. GSC has also outdone the competition in terms of detail, with metallic highlights on her boots and belt and an awesome pearlescent finish on her breastplate. I imagine this will be a huge hit and, opinions on SAO aside, it probably deserves it.

Iro: “Knights of the Blood” version? Jel was right, Asuna is the new Saber.

Marlin:I just noticed now that she has a piece of armor that only covers her boobs. Seems like poor coverage, but when did anything in SAO ever make sense?

Sumika Kagami (Muv-Luv Alternative)
Kotobukiya, February 2014, 7730JPY


Zigg: If you can stand the water-balloon-chest design of the Muv Luv characters Kotobukiya’s range so far has been absolutely great and this is no exception. What really strikes me about Sumika here is the colour scheme – that hot pink and black plugsuit is really smart. Great stand too – simple but detailed (lovely rust work) and really adds to the overall vibe.

Jel: You certainly can’t accuse Muv Luv of holding back on their character designs. Plenty of figures use hot pink, but using it in contrast with dark black and purple makes her suit incredibly striking. She does suffer from the series’ trademark Basketball Boobs, but that is downplayed somewhat by her pose. This would certainly make a bold statement sitting on your shelf, and manages to do so without being too skeevy.

Iro: I’m sure that plugsuit provides plenty of protection, but it still doesn’t seem prudent to sit on a rusty old girder.

Marlin:I don’t quite get why there’s a giant hole in her thighs, and if you look at the left leg it looks like the suit has a boot over it as there’s this weird raised part right above the knee. The hair also seems a little lazy after the ribbon if you ask me.

Lucy Heartfilia swimsuit ver. (Fairy Tail)
X PLUS, December, 5910JPY


Zigg: Leaving aside my by this point well established dislike of swimsuit figures, I will note that the bikini pattern does at least direct your eyes to the pertinent areas. Horrible, horrible seam lines along the straps though (this is a figure which comes partially assembled) and while it’s at the cheaper end of the scale you get what you pay for evidently.

Jel: Speaking of Basketball Boobs… I’d lump this Lucy in with all the other swimsuit figures, but man that bikini print is UGLY. Seeing as those are the two most outstanding traits of this figure, I’d say this is a pass.

Iro: Yep, that’s a swimsuit figure.

Marlin:Can’t you already transform that other Lucy figure into a lingerie figure? If you really feel the need you might as well just do that.

One thought on “All Your Monies: September 16th 2013

  1. Again, haven’t seen the respective series, but the Nanoha and Asuna figures look really nice.

    Though i’ve had enough Persona 3 to last me 3 lifetimes and never really liked Elizabeth anyone, I think I prefer the pose of the last figure of hers that you guys covered (even if the quality of the figure itself was lacking).

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