Random Manga Theatre 67: Legend of Himiko


Hit the “Random” button and see what comes up! In this feature, we take a look at whatever manga the Random Number God decides to throw at us and find out if it’s worth your time.

This time: Himiko-Den, by Oh!great

Uh, usually I’d list if this is an adaptation up before the break, but I’m not even really sure about this one. I guess it’s a manga based off an anime which was based off a video game for the Playstation which was based off some sort of folklore? I don’t even know. It’s not important, because I’m only spotlighting the manga here in Random Manga Theatre, and that manga is prreeettty bad.

I barely understood what was going on because it was so rushed, but let’s see if I can piece together a basic synopsis here. Kutani is an ordinary high school student (because the protagonists of all these crap “transported to another world” stories are always ordinary high school students who are actually anything but) enjoying his life with girlfriend Himiko, who is an orphan. One seal-breaking and summary demon attack later, and Himiko has awakened to her super magical powers and transported both of them far into the past so that they can prevent the seal from ever breaking in the first place. And they can do this because Kutani is actually the reincarnation of… somebody! Who knew?


Anyway, Kutani meets a bunch of pretty girls (who were presumably part of his harem in the anime) once he lands on his ass in the past, and they all team up to find Himiko and put a stop to the evil demon king or whatever. It’s not very adequately explained exactly what’s going on, other than SKULL-FACE DUDE BAD and PRETTY GIRLS GOOD. Turns out Himiko was actually born in the past and magicked to the future by her mother to find the great Kutani who will defeat the bad guy. And then everything ends, because they apparently only had the budget for one volume of manga. I guess you could buy the DVDs or play the game?

Verdict: Laaaame

I get the feeling that even if I did put forth the effort to actually learn what the hell is going on in this manga, I’d like it even less. It never misses an opportunity for skeevy fanservice (in a very 90s sense, so there’s more bare tits than panty shots), and all the characters are entirely uninteresting. The harem members we see (for like two pages each) are all single-note, and events happen with seemingly nothing connecting them. Maybe the anime and game are good, but I don’t know and have no intention of finding out. Give this one a pass.


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