Outbreak Company: Episode 4


Recap: When a young artist gets arrested for spying on Shinichi he protects her from execution and brings her on as his personal artist. Being a furry had nothing to do with Shinichi’s judgement… nope!


Lifesong’s Thoughts: That opening gag was only funny because we all knew Myucel was fine. Still not very funny, we don’t joke about Myucel being dead! Okay? Not after last weeks close call. Now that the serious stuff is done for the moment we have some time for nerding out and being silly. The rest of the episode focused on being silly.

What is an invader? Matoba’s perspectivism answer is a convenient way to look at things. There is truth to his answer, but as with many things the whole truth is probably not that simple. I would like to see this theme explored in more depth. Now that we are focusing on an outside nation hiring spies maybe I will get my wish?


I suppose it was inevitable that Minori would eventually start teaching otaku terms since that is technically what he is supposed to be doing. When Minori got up in front of the class and said sou-uke I lost it. Between her and Shinichi, she is clearly the more dangerous one… “It’s a literary form filled with romance, sometimes depicted sweetly, and other times fiercely.” I wonder if Minori was one of the earlier candidates for Shinichi’s position…

Of course, the most important lesson to take away from this episode’s classroom scene is neither the importance of zettai ryouki in anime or the meaning of a trap, it’s that ten year old dwarves have beards.


It is a bit ironic that boys love is made fun of in light of the persecution theme, but before anyone starts claiming that we have a double standard at work here I want to point out that both sides of the spectrum were part of the joke! Totally not a double standard when both sides are made light of equally. It would feel odd if that wasn’t the case.

Joke’s aside, Minori really is a dangerous person, pointing her sub machine gun at a cute, uh werewolf? girl. Cute werewolf totally not a spy paid to draw pictures of defensible positions. On that note, Shinichi really has no trouble sticking his neck out for someone else, especially if that someone else is cute… Maeba is probably starting to regret picking Shinichi for his position at this point.


Looking forward we didn’t have too much in the way of moving the story forward, but we did get some world building and hey! Shinichi picked up an artist, a cute one to boot. I wonder how Erubia will fit into the overall picture. Honestly, cute as she is, I just hope she doesn’t steal all of Myucel’s screen time…

2 thoughts on “Outbreak Company: Episode 4

  1. About the death scene, I was actually half-hoping it was all true so the preview could be a really nice troll. Like the infamous Katanagatari preview with sharks and mountains that never was.

    I know. I am a horrible person.

  2. Haha, I love that kind of thing often enough, but I’m just in love with Myucel… Nothing bad can happen to her! Anyone else can get brutally murdered and I’ll be okay with it.

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