Outbreak Company: Episode 2 Class Differences


Recap: Shinichi continues teaching Myucel to read Japanese and she behinds to read the manga collection he ordered the Japanese government to bring over. The loli ruler of fantasy land becomes Jealous of Myucel and berates her. When Shinichi defends Myucel, Petralka declares that she will learn Japanese as well.


Lifesong’s Thoughts: The story has been surprisingly solid. “Moevangelist” might be his title, but in practice Shinichi is teaching Japanese and human equality in a world where those things do not exist. I kind of want to see the loli ruler get pushed out of a window, but how awful she is does play into the narrative in an interesting way.

Myucel and her relationship with Shinichi has a cute dynamic to it that I really like. Shinichi gets bonus points for being able to relate with her persecution. Sure being treated like a nasty nerd isn’t the same as being persecuted by a class system, but the way Shinichi sympathizes with Myucel gives me some respect for his character.


The moment where Myucel reads the manga about some demon lord’s relationship with his maid and starts crying set a good mood. Silly as it might seem, I like the emphasis Shinichi put on how his fiction is from a world of equality and that really came out when he didn’t go for the cheap -so moe- joke while Myucel was crying.

As much as I like watching Myucel learn to read and experience Japanese otaku culture first hand, I am curious to see what else this story has in stock for us. It looks like Shinichi might open a school for lower class? Meanwhile his Japanese supporters seem to be a bit worried about the tone he has taken with this fantasy world’s class system. Queue the drama perhaps? I’m invested now, I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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