Tokyo Ravens: Episode 5


Recap: Remember the fight we promised last week? Screw that! Natsume gets kidnapped instead!

Iro’s Thoughts:
Tokyo Ravens might have the worst pacing of the entire season, even beating out BlazBlue and Magi – no small feat, that one. The big fight promised with a cliffhanger at the end of last week is literally over in 25 seconds, and taking with it any drive I had to continue covering this show. Of course, somehow this makes Harutora super popular among the student body, because… reasons, I guess?

And then, Natsume is kidnapped out of nowhere (no seriously, everyone’s talking on the stairwell and the a demon busts through the wall and grabs her), so Harutora has to lead everyone (including the random nerd guy who has no reason to be with them) on a rescue mission. Where does this actually happen? I have no fucking idea! It’s some random room that could be anywhere. Maybe it’s literally on the other side of the stairwell’s wall – that’d make about as much sense as anything else in this anime.


The bright side about the ridiculous disjointed nature of the show is that it makes everything hilarious. Toji pretty much slides around and trolls the hell out of everyone, including telling Kyoko about Harutora and Natsume offscreen. Did I mention Kyoko has a crush on Natsume because they talked when they were kids, except she was actually talking to Harutora when they were kids, except she thinks Natsume is a boy (confused yet)? If Harutora wasn’t an idiot, he might be able to finangle this situation into a threesome, but that will never happen. Too bad.

In short, now Tokyo Ravens is even more cheap-shonen-anime than it was last week, if you can fathom that one. We have a five man band, weird love triangle shenanigans, and action scenes of questionable quality. I almost want to keep watching just for the trainwreck factor.


Lifesong’s Thoughts:
The pacing was just all over the place this episode. First we are let down by last weeks cliff hanger then we get another fight inside the hole in the wall, but it’s not really any better… This show seems to be rushing left and right, making promises it can’t keep and just being a let down in general.

2 thoughts on “Tokyo Ravens: Episode 5

    • Yeah… basically. It’s pretty apparent they don’t know what they are doing. This whole anime is very…. amateurish.

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