All Your Monies: November 11th 2013


Hello, and welcome to All Your Monies, where The Glorio Blog’s resident toy and figure collecting crew (and Aquagaze) will run down the last week’s new pre-orders, turning a loving or scathing eye over what’s been put out for you to spend your hard earned cash on. This week, nothing good came out, so have a collection of super skeevy crap! NSFW-ish obviously.

Miu Takanashi (Listen to Me Girls, I Am Your Father!)
Alter, April 2014, ¥6830


Zigg: I can’t believe we’ve been reduced to leading with this. OK, the subject matter is slightly extremely questionable but as ever Alter do a fantastic job, with excellent cloth work especially on the shirt and their trademark wonderful hair. I actually do rather like Miu’s character design and the black and red palette standing out well and that printed shirt looking amazingly like something someone might wear in real life. It’s just a shame this is where Alter has chosen to dedicate their time.

Jel: If you take the source material out of the picture, this is a pretty cute figure. The printed shirt is pretty unique oddly enough and I really love the colors. Seriously though Alter, all that talent and THIS is the show you pick to make a figure from? You don’t don’t need to slum it like this!

Aqua: I really don’t want to know what this figure looks like from behind, the pose just seems all kinds of weird and uncomfortable, and the show it is based on would be better off on the dark side of Pluto, but at least Alter know how to put some effort into their figures. I find it kind of charming how Miu’s expression and outfit seem to scream “ten-your-old trying and horribly failing to look ‘grown-up’ and ‘sexy’ as ten-year-olds tend to do”, but I’m afraid that is not exactly what they were going for here.

Lifesong: This character tends to acts way more mature than her age and maybe that’s pretty creepy, but Alter sure did a great job of capturing her carefree nature.

Timmy: As usual Alter puts their best effort into everything they do, and Miu looks quite detailed and well done. Cute but aside from that I really don’t care.

Super Sonico Swimsuit Santa ver.
Alter, April 2014, ¥8050

FIGURE-003201_01Zigg: This is one of those super crazy and weird things that are almsot beyond parody Bikini Santa Sonico figure sounds like something I’d make up for a cheap laugh but the result is surprisingly decent, largely thanks to Alter’s involvement. I still don’t get the Sonico thing but this is an attractive figure with a pretty amusing twist, so if you’re into curvy swimsuit ladies I can’t see you going far wrong.

Jel: I’ve been playing Disgaea D2 recently and just WAITING to use this:


Aqua: I never got the ‘sexy Santa’ look. Santa Claus is an old, joyous man with a beard. He’s pretty much the last thing that comes to mind when I think about ‘sexy’. Besides, wouldn’t she be cold wearing nothing but a bikini in the middle of winter? I also think Sonico is pretty much a blemish no one can ever take seriously. She merely exists to have big breasts. As for the figure itself, it looks pretty well done, despite the fact that the Santa hoodie looks like it was made out of sculpted sand and whipped cream.

Lifesong: Sonico is something I’ve been tempted to buy into a million times and so far I actually haven’t. Personally I think this might be the best Sonico yet. I love her expression, it’s the closest I’ve seen to the way Sonico looks in SoniComi. As for the santa thing? Sure why not, it looks great on her and making silly cosplay sexy is kind of her whole thing, love the mistletoe bell.

Timmy: The swimsuit Sonico figure to end all swimsuit Sonico figures. As usual Alter has their best craftsmanship on show. That face is all sorts of lovely and the rest of the details are quite well done as well. Sonico is indeed a busty gal but Alter have given her a proportional frame to match resulting in a very appealing package. As far as the santa thing goes, I do wish she had an entire outfit to cast into but its an otherwise fun addition.

Cecilia Alcott (Infinite Stratos)
Penguin Parade, April 2014, ¥7000


Zigg: Ugh, this is just awful. Horrible face, dull pose, boring character and way overpriced. The wrap is nice I guess but take it away and you’re left with a sub Beach Queen sculpt for twice the price.

Jel: No one cares about Cecilia, let alone a fairly mediocre figure of her. To be fair her hair does look really nice and it’s a pretty classy swimsuit as far as swimsuit figures go. That face is pretty rough though, and overall it’s just a very boring figure.

Aqua: I haven’t even seen Infinite Stratos and even I know not even the biggest Infinite Stratos fan gives a damn about Cecilia. Then again, aside from the drugged face, this is one of those rare swimsuit figures that retain the character’s dignity, with a classy outfit and a relaxed pose. Also, kudos to the up until know completely unfamiliar Penguin Parade for their excellent work on the hair.

Lifesong: No.

Timmy: That face is just terrible.

Melda Deitz (Space Battleship Yamato 2199)
Megahouse, March 2014, ¥7180


Zigg: My major issue with this is the pose, which adopts the tiresome back breaking shoulder look of a million bad comic book covers. Otherwise though, paint is sharp, it’s certainly a unique colour palette and the railing base is a cool touch.  Megahouse’s work with this range has so far produced very nice results, I jsut wish they’d gone for something a bit more naturalistic.

Jel: These Yamato figures have all looked pretty sharp and I’d think a blue skinned alien babe with a skintight hot pink and purple suit would stand out in your collection. It’s oozing with sex appeal without flashing a ton of skin or sacrificing the characters dignity. Nice work.

Aqua: Now that’s what I’m talking about. Melda looks sexy without looking skeevy, her plugsuit is neatly designed and well-crafted and the alternative faces, poses and accessories are a welcome addition. Besides, she just looks so different! I’m not a big fan of the anatomy on display here — the Escher Girls blog will have a field day — but nonetheless, i don’t think it makes Melda here look any less charismatic and badass.

Lifesong: No idea who this is, but she is one sexy alien lady.

Timmy: I have been digging all of Megahouse’s Yamato line and Melda is no exception. She is looking pretty sexy in that pose and that face is notably eye catching and well done.

Kirino Kousaka Swimsuit ver. (Oreimo)
Griffon, December, ¥7060


Zigg: You know, objectively, this is not a bad figure – decent paint, nice colours and (as with last week) Kirino seems to be one of the few characters Griffon Face™ works on. Fortunately however we’re not being objective here, therefore:


Jel: Sure this is pretty skeevy and I want to burn it with fire because Oreimo, but if we’re talking sheer technical merit this is one of the best made Griffon figures I’ve ever seen. They totally nailed the face and body proportions, something you can’t always say about their work. Now get it away from me, Kirino is gross.

Aqua: You know what I just said about retaining a character’s dignity? I almost feel as if I can’t slam Griffon for this atrocity because, you know, Kirino has very little dignity left to sully.

Lifesong: Not bad for Griffon. It’s Kirino though… caring is hard.

Timmy: Griffion seems to be on a roll with the Kirino figures lately and its mostly because they have been able to give her a decent face. They have done a nice job here as the face, hair, and swimsuit all look nice. Though I will say you are still too young to be tugging at your bikini bottoms like that Kirino.

2 thoughts on “All Your Monies: November 11th 2013

  1. If I had to pick a best in show this week it would be Melda Deitz. While I wouldn’t buy it personally (because my girlfriend might kill me) it’s very different to a lot of the figures you come across and it’s been pulled of wonderfully. The face is probably my favorite part.

    I haven’t seen the series that first figure is related to, but her smile looks like she’s deciding how she plans to kill me >.>

    • Yeah, I really wanted to like Melda more than I did, I just can’t stand that pose. We’ve seen it a million times in ‘sexy’ artwork and at this point I’m heartily sick of how dumb it is. great figure otherwise though.

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