Golden Time Episode 6


Recap: Banri is no longer satisfied with the status quo. It does not end well for anyone.

I am going to call foul on the show for apparently warping the fabric of space and time in the middle of the party there. We see Banri and 2D-kun looking at the tea party’s room, mediating between Koko and Mitsuo, and then in the next frame the two of them have somehow warped next to each other. That just seems like sloppy directing to me. There’s also a bit of ugly animation that gets in the way of genuinely appealing stylistic changes, especially at Banri’s confrontation with Koko.


What comes next is where things get dark. While I didn’t have quite as strong a reaction to those final scenes as Iro did, but Banri’s emotional breakdown was much at the expense of those around him. It seems like he felt he no longer had control on anything in the world. The girl he loved didn’t want to confront his emotions. A woman he used to know for years was hiding that knowledge from him for reasons he couldn’t understand. It’s understandable for Banri to be upset, but the way he lashed out at everyone

If the next episode title is any indication, I’m not going to take this declaration of love at straight face value. Koko has proven that she’ll change the way she acts towards others very violently, first her cutting lose after Mitsuo’s rejection and then her almost sickeningly forced friendship routine after Banri confessed to her. While Banri has helped her open up it would be a big loss for her to lose him as a friend, as well as make things awkward in the festival club where she’s finally started to get along. Banri can still redeem himself for the way he acted, and Koko could genuinely love him one day, but I believe this episode has done nothing but hurt them, and it will continue to do so until they sort out their feelings.


Iro’s Thoughts:
I want to punch Tada Banri in the face so fucking hard. Emotional manipulation falls pretty high up on my list of “evil behavior” and is a pretty surefire way to make me consider you a villain. He isn’t entirely to blame, however. Considering Koko knows Tada Banri wants to get it on with her, inviting herself over to his place so they can talk about how lame the guy she actually likes is because Banri’s such a good friend is definitely crossing a line. However, his meltdown over the rest of the episode definitely seems like overreacting.

His outburst at Linda is arguably justified from his point of view, but I’m not sure whose side we’re supposed to be taking on that one. I have to side with her point of view. Wracked with guilt over whether Banri’s accident was due to her waiting to answer his question, it seems justifiable to me that she would avoid bringing up their past to his amnesiac self. That’s a heavy burden, and I hope it stays ambiguous as to what her answer was. I’d like to think that even she herself didn’t know what to tell him.


And then we come to the worst of it. My God. Koko clearly thinks of Banri as a close friend, but ignoring her and running to a bridge (where he almost seemed about to jump, honestly) pretty much forced her into either losing her only real friend or saying that she loves him. Was that intentional on his part? Maybe not, but that is some seriously evil shit. I don’t know how this will be handled from now on (and the next episode preview looks like it’s just WOO CRAZY ANTICS) but the way I see it now, Banri tricked Koko into thinking she loves him and that is unforgivable.

Lastly, I should note that even though I am raging up a storm over here, this is all a good thing. Golden Time is way better for this, and has mostly won me over after springing the whole amnesia ghost bullshit last week. All of the characters are acting in horrible ways, but their motives are sympathetic, even if I want to punch Banri in the face for daring to do something so underhanded. Count me back on board, I guess.

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