Tokyo Ravens: Episode 6


Recap: Harutora and Natsume go on a date, trailed by fujoshi. Also starring the most ridiculous fried egg of all time.

Iro’s Thoughts:
The fact that this was the best episode yet should say something about the quality of Tokyo Ravens, and not a good something. The cold open starts off with gay jokes and things only go downhill from there, with the entire student body thinking Harutora is hot for Natsume (who is still the least convincing male of all time). They decide to combat this by… going on a shopping date in Tokyo. Because that makes sense. And, in accordance with rom-com anime laws, they end up in the red light district and have to hide from nosy fujoshi in a hotel room.


So the pair of fujoshi decide to track down Kyoko, because… man, I got nothing. I guess she’s the most skilled student and they want to track down Harutora and Natsume? Are they so dedicated to the fujoshi cause they’ll use magic to violate personal privacy? The really weird part is that they also grab the nerd dude whose name I can’t remember. That guy is clearly on the borderline of dangerously incompetent, considering his fumbling last week, but more importantly he has absolutely zero reason to be around. Kyoko at least has a crush on Natsume/Harutora and therefore a personal stake in making sure they don’t stick it in each other’s butts. Nerd guy? Just around for the ride, I guess.

At this point I’m just thinking “fuck it, this is soooo dumb”, but then I remember that Toji basically pushed them into doing all of this and that he’s still the best character in the show by a wide margin (The teacher, Ohtomo, is #2). Accordingly, they call him and he takes care of everything, but even Toji can’t protect Harutora from making himself out to be a lolicon.  Ohtomo also seems to be the only one willing to do something about the plot, tracking down the creep from last week and showing him who’s boss.

On a final note, Natsume flat out admits she was Hokuto and Harutora is too stupid to pay attention. Really? Really?


Lifesong’s Thoughts:
Sure we could focus on how silly this episode was, but it did some things right and that just might be enough to keep me watching until the end. It’s funny how an episode like this could be used to fill us in on some important world building, but that is exactly what it did. Toji is still the best thing going on in this show followed by their home room teacher leaving the main characters in the dust, but now we that have some villains that actually seem worth their salt I’m genuinely curious to see where we go from here.


One thought on “Tokyo Ravens: Episode 6

  1. Thanks goodness the show isn’t named after the main characters. The production team has every possible reason to pass them over. Even my affections for Hanazawa Kana’s voice won’t forgive the lack of adequate screentime for Toji.

    Yes producers, it’s that bad.

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