Tokyo Ravens: Episode 8 and 9


Recap: Toji grapples with the ogre inside of him as the others deal with the spiritual disaster.

Iro’s Thoughts:
Goddammit, Toji. You were one of the only fun characters in this show, it’s saving grace for 7 episodes, and then you had to go and get infected by the shonen friendship virus. The final exam with a mock spiritual disaster goes awry, causing the ogre sealed inside Toji to start freaking out, and consequently causing him to freak out as well. This is (of course) solved by Harutora punching him out while delivering an incredibly condescending friendship speech, after which point Toji learns to control his incredible demonic powers… but only by relinquishing them for Harutora to use. Fucking figures.

In the realm of “stuff that might be interesting if the show was interesting”, we’re introduced to a few more of the 12 Spiritual Generals, at least one of which is just a massive douchebag and at least one of which is evil. Are they they same person? Maybe. Personally, I’m betting the guy with the sword and motorbike is actually evil. He’s too nice to be an actual good guy. Of course, most of their handiwork in purifying the super-duper nue happens offscreen as the kids handle the lame-ass nue. And by kids, I mean pretty much Natsume only. Her dragon does most of the work, and then Harutora tries to kill-steal by using Toji’s oni powers, at which point Natsume has had enough of that shit and just nukes the thing. It’s worth pointing out that Nerd Guy and Kyoko did absolutely nothing of worth, as well.


Really, this entire arc has been dumb and ruined all of its major payoffs. The main villain of the arc who’s been causing all these spiritual disasters is unceremoniously killed offscreen, Toji’s defining characteristic of amused indifference has been neutered, Harutora doesn’t learn how to focus his magic without his shakujo, and Ohtomo doesn’t learn anything that leads back to the villains. Hell, forget the arc. This entire show is dumb.


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