Monogatari Series 2nd Season Episode 25


Recap: Kaiki meets with Hanekawa and gathers information for his growing list of problems. Later, he checks in with Senjougahara one last time before making his final play on Nadeko.

Jel’s Thoughts: Kaiki continues to fascinate me with his double talking. You could assume that everything he says is a lie, flip the meaning of every word he has ever said in the series, and it all would still make sense. Even when he sarcastically admits to Yotsugi that he’s actually a good guy, you could flip it around to mean… he’s actually a good guy? The revelation that he took down the cult that trapped Senjougahara’s mother only adds evidence to that theory.


The more interesting potential lie though is Kaiki’s claim that deceiving Nadeko would be easy. From one perspective he was correct – his actual deception is brilliant, playing right into the fact that she’s dumb enough to take a superstition seriously and that she’s enjoying her time as a god. But considering how much time, money, and risk he’s put into this endeavor, you could also see his statement as a lie. You might also throw in whatever outside interference (presumably Gaen) that caused him to fail, although it’s debatable whether Kaiki was aware of that possibility. The way he talks about things, we may never really know the truth.


I saved the bit with Hanekawa for last as most of what she said will be relevant later on. It’s been pretty cool to see her transform from a perfect, boring, jilted love interest into the cool, super perceptive, behind the scenes foil to Gaen. She was spot on with her assessment of Nadeko, and I thought it was a nice touch to later on show the unanswered New Year’s wishes at the shrine that validated what she said.


Of greater interest though is the bit about Oshino having no family and that there was some other supernatural phenomenon happening even before Shinobu arrived. Putting two and two together means it will be all eyes on the mysterious Ougi Oshino at some point, but sadly that will have to wait until Season 3. In the meantime we have a really huge cliffhanger waiting for us next week as Kaiki is in considerable danger. I’m assuming this will be the last episode of the TV broadcast for Season 2, so we’ll see how they wrap things up. Will Kaiki survive Nadeko’s wrath? Will Araragi and Senjougahara actually get screen time together? Just what is hiding in Nadeko’s closet? Hopefully we’ll get some answers.

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