The 8th Day of Glorio: Saving the Best for Last – Timmy’s Picks


You are now entering the Nine Days of GLORIO, our non-stop year in review. Each day for the rest of 2013, a member of the Glorio crew will share some of their highlights from the past 12 months, all culminating in our Top 10 Anime of the Year. For Day 8, Timmy freudian slips his way through his breast err best anime, games, and figures from 2013.

Another year has flown buy and once again I failed to find time to watch everything. As usual the “list” of stuff that needs to be viewed grows evermore expansive because of it. I did manage to make it through a good few shows though, enough for a awards list anyways. I also figured you guys have seen enough anime awards already so I ended up diversifying into figures with a few game awards as well, because goodness did I buy quite a bit of stuff again this year.

Might as well not keep you waiting with useless banter so without further ado:

Anime Awards:

Best Anime that I Didn’t Finish:
Hyperdimension Neptunia

Hyperdimension Neptunia The Animation - 01 3

Neptunia really was hitting the same notes for me that Dog Days had trotted over prior. It was generally very cute, lighthearted fluff with gamer puns sprinkled throughout and while things looked like they may have been headed somewhere more serious, what I saw in the meantime was a lot of nonsensical fun. Its really a bummer I barely had time to even watch Love Lab that season but sometimes that is the way things roll.

Award for Cushy Excellence:
Dakky (Love Lab)


Speaking of, there is certainly no doubt in my mind that there was a better dakimakura this season then Dakky. Soft and cuddly when he needs to be and no doubt ready to come to life at a moments notice to become the perfect guy any time Maki’s imagination calls.

Best Use of Time:


AIURA was short, sweet, and very much to the point. I always consistently found myself longing for more every time the ED hit, but at the same time the episodes were just short enough to be fit in almost any kind of busy schedule. It was a great show and I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing more like it.

Best Premise:


Muromi-san was really something else, and it was pretty indicative from even the opening that we were in for one crazy ride. A show about mermaids, some of who were histories most notorious monsters, with dirty jokes, dolphin abuse, and evolution humor? Totally in.

Best Episode Turnaround:
Samurai Bride Episode 2

Samurai Girls

So episode 2 introduces a new character, a monkey to be exact, who over the course of the episode sneaks in and steals all of Sanada’s panties (because Sanada was once her master and now she misses her after being left behind), competes with Naoe to be the show’s mascot character (because Naoe is the dojo’s “dog” literally sleeping in the doghouse) and generally is a sad monkey because she maybe might get in the way. It was all very stupid stuff and I was pretty much done with Samurai Bride at that point, until we were greeted with the transformation scene of the dojo’s newest, and fuzziest samurai girl. Should have seen it coming at the time but Life and I were far too busy laughing our asses off to care.

Favorite Scene:
The Final Tank Duel, Girls und Panzer Episode 12


Most of the battles in Girls und Panzer were great but the finale no doubt takes the cake. Miho and crew shake off overwhelming odds and get themselves in a one on one battle with the opponents flag tank commanded by her older sister and put it all on the line in an intense tank on tank battle for the championship. It was all sorts of fun to watch and a great way to top off the series.

Breast Anime:
Maoyuu Maou Yuusha

Mayouu was certainly a very interesting show, and watching Maou bring technology to the human masses was no doubt entertaining. It really seemed to be cut from similar cloth as Spice and Wolf and had a very classy, and very busty, lady as the lead. She didn’t let that useless meat get the best of her, though I suppose that pesky arm fat did give her troubles. Had the show not just stopped as if a second season was imminent I think it would have received a fair bit more praise. Better animation wouldn’t have hurt as well.

Game Awards:

Timesink Award:
Modded Minecraft


Minecraft proper ran its course with me ages ago as even with the periodic updates it wasn’t adding enough content to hold my interest. Modded Minecraft on the other hand is a wonderful land where I can spend hours and hours playing with the shiny new gadgets the community works its butt off to produce and keep updated. And with Forge being a pretty standard base now a days everything meshes together pretty seamlessly. There seems to always be something new and exciting to pull me back in every time I think I have finally escaped. For the morbidly curious Direwolf20’s Youtube channel is a good place to start.

Breast Game:
Senran Kagura


Senran turned out to be a fair bit more then the busty fanservice game people gave it credit for and while it was indeed full of “plot” it had a generally nice story to go along with it. The characters were all fun and likeable (with people seeming to find Yomi particularly endearing) and all had pretty interesting reasons to be where they were doing what they were doing. It also was a pretty competent brawler, something the 3DS was in need of. Sure it was far from perfect with plenty of rough edges but it wasn’t half bad for a game built around the silly idea of boobs in 3D.

Best Game:
Super Mario 3D World


Every time I play this bloody game I have an absolute blast, even in  the times of epic failure that always seem to accompany platformers. Who knew catsuits could be so much damn fun?

Figure Awards:

Favorite Impulse Buy:
Yagyu Kyubei (Alpha x Omega)


Crunchyroll is quickly becoming my wallet’s kryptonite when it comes to their good deals on figures and when this fine lass popped up there for a reasonable amount of coin, I couldn’t resist. She reminded me too much of Momohime to pass up on and with Alter partially in charge of her I knew she would turn out great. And so she did and everyone was happy, now I just need to sit down and watch a few hundred episodes of Gintama to figure out who the hell she is.

Favorite Purchase:
Neris Filiam (Kotobukiya)


Sometimes the thrill of the hunt can be just as fun as owning the figure itself, and Neris, lovingly referred to as “Bread Butt” in my search bookmarks, was very much that for me. She had been released and on my radar for a good while, but her exclusivity made her an expensive prize to be had with prices ranging from 14,000 to 17,000 yen or more. Not to mention she always sold out pretty fast, so when I spotted her accompanied by her even harder to get wallscroll for a measly 12 and a half k I hit that buy button as fast as I possibly could. A considerable shipping bill later thanks to the wallscroll has seen her added to my collection and she has quickly become one of my favorites.

Biggest Disappointment:
Sena Kashiwazaki (Griffion)


I am usually pretty conscious about what I buy so disappointment is a very uncommon thing when it comes to me and my figures. Griffon’s release of Sena though was mind boggling to say the least. The figure itself was perfectly fine, but the base is by far the biggest, stupidest, most poorly designed thing I have seen. It is their usual black disc that I loathe except it was about three times bigger then it should have been. I have no where to put that big thing so to this day poor Sena is stored away until I can figure something else out.

Best New Feature That Probably Isn’t That New:
Squishy Boobs


I have to admit that I had a pretty good chuckle when Chara-ani announced their Asuka with the gripping cleavage, and had the price been more agreeable I may have ordered one for myself for the novelty alone. I mean it would have absolutely been a convenient place to put my SD card or car keys. Of course not to be outdone Griffon decide to give their 1/2.5 scale Himawari rubber boobs as well for maximum creepiness.

Most Anticipated:
Daisy (Kotobukiya)


Daisy was one of those figures I knew I had to have the moment I saw she was announced. I had fallen in love with Tony’s image of her last winter when I received his 2013 calendar and even before that she was on of the images they were using to advertise it, no doubt influencing my purchase. After Kotobukiya announced her figure I have been counting the months until she would join my collection and keeping tabs on her sculpt and paint updates. So now that the day has finally arrived does she live up to expectations? Aside from a few small paint and sculpt issues I can confidently say yes, she totally does. She is basically the ultimate non nude Tony Taka figure. Cute pose, cute expression, interesting outfit, and last but not least no pants.

Most Photogenic:
Tenshi (Good Smile Company)


Tenshi was sort of a “why not, I am here anyways” purchase for me when I was doing group orders from the Good Smile Company shop and boy was I glad I threw her in my cart. She is one of those figures that showcases beauty in simplicity with her sundress and a lovely face and nice pose. Of course the wings are beautiful in their own right but she is just as lovely without them. Tenshi is easily my most photographed figure this year and I know I will be putting her behind a camera lens many, many more times in the future.

Favorite company that wasn’t Alter:


Kotobukiya has really grown on me this year with every new figure of theirs I acquire, and with every one I have there is probably two or three more I harbor interest in. They are starting to become my new Alter in the fact that I am starting to at the very least be very tempted to buy their figures without knowing who the character is and where they are from. Case in point: I probably didn’t really need Olivia but she is just so pretty I had to get her. In fact now that I look, almost half my ordered figures are Kotobukya figures, and this time last year I only owned one. While their quality control may not quite be Alter level, it just seems like they put so much effort into their figures, and especially their bases. So many pretty and interesting bases, its rare to see a Kotobukiya figure I do not like. Also very few delays and pretty agreeable prices help a good bit, although lately they might be getting carried away a little bit on the latter for some releases.

Breast Figure:
Leviathan (Amakuni)


Leviathan might not be quite as perfect as the other two Deadly Sins gals that Orchid Seed has put out, but she is still my favorite of the line so far. There is something about the princess of envy’s sassy pose and expression that won me over and it was Leviathan that made me decide to commit to the line in the first place. Lucifer was going to look great no matter what, but the reassurance that the rest of the line would be just as great, and the corporate other half involved in churning these out was competent that was the wining factor. Plus Levi does happen to look pretty nice nude as well, which I suppose is a plus even though I opt not to display her like that. A troublesome cast off system and the aforementioned slightly inferior quality does hold her back a little bit, but she is still a very lovely figure regardless,

Best Figure:

Honestly I have acquired so many awesome figures this year I am finding it pretty impossible to choose, And I have given it some serious consideration too. My top picks all seem to have that one small but fatal flaw that hold them back to the point where I feel none of them deserve it over the rest. And I have so many different figures it is even hard to compare the Tenshis of my collection to the Leviathans of my collection. I hate to be that guy to end this on that note but I suppose that is the way it is going to be.

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