First Look: Nobunaga the Fool


Manga Adaptation by Satelight
Simulcast on Crunchyroll


There are two great civilizations who live in opposition of each other. The Western Star and the Eastern Star. Something about prophecies about how a great king would come to unite them both. I don’t really give a shit.

Gee’s Verdict: Boring

Seriously, this might be the blandest show I’ve watched this Winter. It’s not blatantly terrible like ImoCho, or outright offensive, but there’s absolutely no personality to the show whatsoever. The characters are all flat and uninteresting, with the exception of maybe flamboyant weirdo extraordinaire Leonardo da Vinci, and even then, that’s certainly not enough to convince me to bother with this show any longer. I get that there’s some epic journey that lies in wait for the characters, but neither the world, the characters, or the plot interest me in anyway. There’s a war going on? Maybe? And the Eastern Star is basically just Sengoku Japan with robots? And in that case, why is everyone still wearing feudal era armor and using obsolete weapons? For god’s sake, if you can engineer a giant robot, you must have at least advanced beyond the combustion age. It really doesn’t help that the mech designs are equally uninspired. Honestly if the show was more like Sengoku Basara, but with (more) giant robots, I’d probably be way more enthusiastic. As for now though, it merely remains an unimpressive footnote in a rather unimpressive season.


Jel’s Verdict: Don’t Be Fooled

I told you this show was about a hot blooded young man who is powerless to change his circumstances until he finds a beautiful girl and an experimental new mecha to pilot, you would rightfully yawn and move on. That’s really all Nobunaga the Fool is if you ignore the historical figure gimmick, and that only adds a marginal bit of fun trying to connect their stories with what’s happening. I’ll admit I took some joy out of seeing mecha applied to medieval settings, but other than that I think this is a pass.

Marlin’s Verdict: Insipid

This season is just drowning in uninspired mech designs isn’t it? Whereas Nobunagun is taking a cool Fate/Stay Night kinda take on reincarnated historical figures, replete with cool weapons and dynamic posing, this show seems to just be using them as an excuse to throw them into an ugly mech. A mech which, mind you, was being fought with alongside swords and bows. If you’re going to go for futuristic setting with old fashioned cultural cues, you can’t go halfway. There is absolutely no reason that a world that also has mech would not also have guns, even laser guns at that. The story was also really dull, explaining nothing except Jeanne hears voices because reasons and Nobunaga is a lucky dick who stands around in the middle of a battlefield and somehow doesn’t die. I didn’t expect myself enjoying either Nobunaga, and unfortunately here I was correct in expecting so.

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