First Look: Buddy Complex


Alternate Titles: Boring Complex
Anime Original by Sunrise
Simulcast on Funimation


Aoba Watase is (surprise!) an ordinary high school student. His ordinary life is shaken up however when a man in a giant robot appears and tries to kill him.

Zigg’s Verdict: Wallpaper Anime

It’s really difficult to conjure up too much to say about Buddy Complex, as it’s about as bland as bland can be. That’s not to call it bad, or offensive, or even particularly sub-standard, but there’s a clear lack of imagination or fresh ideas here. The closest we get is the mildly intriguing Terminator-style ‘assassin from the future’ plot, which is poorly executed but has some potential. I lost interest the moment the episode ended in a war-torn future, though. We’ve simply seen too many urban-conflicts-but-with-mechs storylines in the past few years and there’s nothing to suggest this will break out of the pattern. In addition, the characters are about as blah as you can get, the mech design is uninspired and much of the tension of the episode is undercut by how hilariously incompetent our crazy murderer from the future is. Seriously, you have a gigantic future tech robot and you can’t kill one teenager on a bike? I’ll say this though – the moment where he slams a self destruct button and starts a five minute countdown made me laugh harder than any anime has in ages.


Lifesong’s Verdict: Boring

If there were anime guilty of being so uninteresting it put me to sleep this would be it. A few interesting concepts are present, but execution is lacking. Much of the episode relies on a mecha chase scene that is undermined by stupid logic and silly mecha tropes that only serve to remind us of how cliche this setup is. Sorry Sunrise, but throwing mecha tropes into a blender with a time paradox doesn’t make for good entertainment when the end result is something we have all seen before anyway.

Iro’s Verdict: Terrifyingly Generic

That has to be the most incompetent mecha pilot I have ever seen. How can you not kill a single civilian on a bike when you have a super fighting robot at your disposal? Apart from that massive embarassment, Buddy Complex is the dry saltine cracker of mecha anime. Some perhaps would argue that it’s a “tried and true” approach, but nothing is done to shake things up. Instead we get a boring, generically good protagonist falling into the most boring, generic mecha ever thanks to meeting a boring, generically cute classmate. Give it a pass.


Marlin’s Verdict: A Work of Shame

Everyone involved with the writing and directing of this plot should be fired immediately. I have never seen such an incompetently delivered premise with such little ambition and characters with such little life. In a season of bad mech shows this is by far the worst. Nothing in the first episode inspired any kind of desire to watch onward, and I suggest any of you reading do the same.

Gee’s Verdict: Hilariously Bland

Buddy Complex may in fact be impressive if only for the fact that it is somehow even more boring than Nobunaga the Fool. Bland characters, bland mecha designs, and a bland premise do the show no favors. And as everyone else has pointed out, it features quite possibly the most incompetent mecha pilot of all time. No lie, I was laughing my ass off through most of this episode just due to the sheer ineptitude on display. There really isn’t much else to say about the show. It’s not particularly ambitious and if it’s trying to tell a more interesting story, I apparently didn’t notice. If you’re like me and have been looking for a good mecha series to follow this season, then also like me, I’m afraid you’ll have to keep looking. Everything Buddy Complex is doing has been done before and better than here. There was literally nothing here to keep my interest.

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