All Your Monies: January 20th 2014

Hello, and welcome to All Your Monies, where The Glorio Blog’s resident toy and figure collecting crew (and Aquagaze) will run down the last week’s new pre-orders, turning a loving or scathing eye over what’s been put out for you to spend your hard earned cash on. This week we’ve got the full gamut of the good, the bad and the ugly.

Yotsuba Koiwai (Yotsuba&!)
Chara-Ani, May, ¥6,480 (Exclusive…?)


Zigg: This is absolutely wonderful in every possible way. Glorious concept, great pose and brilliant details. As they did with Fuuka, Chara-Ani have done their best to add a lot of life and colour to quite a simplistic character design. The wonderful sense of motion and energy is conveyed really well too. I’m not too fussed about the price given the great look, but finished quality does remain something of a concern.

Timmy: Daww. Chara-ani have really nailed it here with their Yotsuba. She looks to be having a blast thanks to a gust of wind. A very cute figure and really my only qualm is at 130 mm she is not a lot of Yotsuba for that price, especially when you take into account Yots herself is only about half that size.

Jel: Such a simple but awesome figure, I imagine this will be a rare instance where we all like something. Aside for the obvious appeal of owning an adorable figure of the Glorio Blog’s official unofficial mascot, I would just like to point out this this thing has so much energy that even the utilitarian clear stand that props her up is swerving in motion. If this was anywhere near a reasonable price I would consider buying it, but it’s probably going to be super small and Chara-ani means it will likely be some kind of exclusive. Too bad.

Lifesong: This is the Yotsuba figure we have all been waiting for or is it? If she comes out like the prototype then she is basically perfect, but I doubt the quality control of Chara-Ani. I’ve seen them put out far too many duds. I’ll be waiting to see how she looks and consider picking her up on the after market.

Cerberus (Rage of Bahamut)
Max Factory, June, ¥11,300


Zigg: This is a pretty incredible piece of craftsmanship by Max Factory and furthers their reputation for insanely complex art figures. From the crisp, sharp gold highlights to the incredible hair and the outstanding purple, gold and orange colour scheme, this one is a stunner in every way. Having said that it’s ultimately still ‘Girl in fancy bikini armour’ and that doesn’t appeal to me in any way. The dog hands are amusingly surreal, but they can’t really pep up my interest.

Timmy: I was quick to dismiss this scupt way back when my interest in the line was at it’s peak. With her seeming to not fit in with Amakuni’s and Kotobukiya’s offering in both the scale and mood of the figure you can’t really blame me. But it seems I was very wrong to do so. Max Factory pulled out all the stops when they garnished her with a wonderful paint job. And the very sexy yet very wierd with a side of cute thing Cerberus has going on really does work well. Some have wished for a set of regular hands to go with her, but honestly unless they gave her a different face to go with that it would throw off the whole figure and ruin a lot of the charm. Everything about Cerberus just works and I wouldn’t change a thing. Very tempting, and the fact she is Crunchyroll’s Deal of the Day for 102 bucks today isn’t a good sign for my wallet.

Jel: This is kind of amazing on several levels. Obviously Max Factory is continuing to prove their sculpts are second to none with these Rage of Bahamut figures. This thing is GORGEOUS, with some of the finest levels of detail I’ve ever seen on a figure. Then when you toss in the weird factor of the dog hands and how amusingly it interprets the legendary beast she’s named for, you have to admit this is something special.

Lifesong: I’ve been winding down with my figure purchases lately, but this is one girl I just had to have. Between Max Factory’s high quality and the highly amusing original art I was sold on my first impulse buy in maybe a year a now. What I love the most about this figure is the way it reinterprets Cerberus design, this figure is gorgeous even without the mythology, but it is the mythology that motivated my wallet. This three headed demon dog girl isn’t something I can pass up.

Cu-Poche Mikoto Misaka (A Certain Scientific Railgun S)
Kotobukiya, June, ¥3,180


Zigg: I was pretty harsh on the Cu-Poche line when they first appeared, but I’ve got to cop to it and say this is pretty cute and arguably more fitting for Mikoto than the even more hyper-deformed Nendoroid look. The faces are perfect and I love the accessory count, especially the teddy bear, which is a great little touch. Pleasant surprise.

Timmy: Eh, I still can’t get past seeing this line as some bastard child of GSC’s Nendoroids and MF’s Figmas, but I do admit Kotobukiya isn’t doing a too bad of job on these. A fair amount of accessories, some cute faces and that flower for her hair and the teddy are both nice touches. Price isn’t half bad as well but its hardly enough to pull me away from the aforementioned alternative offerings.

Jel: I’m still staunchly refusing to accept Koto’s Cu-Poche line as anything more than uninspired nendoroid knock offs, and nothing here (or anywhere) will ever come close the HNNNGGG levels of Mikoto’s actual Nendo. I do need to give credit for offering a choice between regular and floral hair clips, as that is one of my favorite little detail changes between season 1 and 2 of Index that I felt no one on the planet noticed but me. The creepy bandaged teddy bear is also an interesting inclusion, but still not enough to get me to buy this.

Lifesong: Not a nendroid. This line just feels like a lazy mix of nendroid and figma and this particular figure really brings that out. Sorry Koto, they just aren’t good enough on either end.

Sasami Tsukuyomi (Sasami-san@Gabaranai)
FREEing, May, ¥7,280


Zigg: I still think Sasami has an interesting colour design and I’m still kind of a fan of the pale orange palette used for figures of her, but this is pretty crap, let’s be honest. The colour is way too pale, the pose is weird and awkward, and what’s with that giganctic seam line across her middle? This is trading figure stuff guys, not what I expect at this level.

Timmy: I haven’t really been a fan of FREEing’s yukata line but I must admit Sasami actually came out pretty nice. I find that hair and her face pretty eye catching and as for the outfit itself it has enough patterning on it to be at least some what interesting. Not a bad figure if you are a fan of the character.

Jel: From the “Figures That No One Asked For” department, Sasami is kind of a interesting call. I always liked her design and this looks like a pretty solid – if unimaginative – re-interpretation of her trademark pajamas in yukata form. It’s a nice get for the handful of fans that might still be out there I suppose, but I don’t think anyone else cares.

Lifesong: No. These colors are awful and the sculpt itself isn’t worth that kind of money. She looks like she has been been cut in half and glued back together!

Amazon (Dragon’s Crown)
Megahouse, July, ¥7,400


Zigg: What the hell is this meant to be? Whatever it is, it’s not even remotely human.

Timmy: As far as the questionable designs from Dragon’s Crown go I have always found Amazon’s more fitting of the absurd style the game was going for despite not really digging her design myself. And I think Megahouse has done a nice job with her but in the end I am just not personally that interested. If you are though its not a bad representation of the character nor a bad price.

Jel: Further proof that the Dragon’s Crown designs have no business in existing in three dimensions. Amazon looks awkward and unwieldy with no good viewing angles. I would have also liked to see a more fierce expression. I guess Megahouse did a solid job considering what they had to work with, but overall this is a tough sell.

Lifesong: This design just really doesn’t work in figure form. I’m not sure it really worked in the game itself either, but at least it kind of fit the ascetic. Take away the overall ascetic from the game art and this just loses all appeal.

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