Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger Episode 48

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The episode is called ‘Giant Explosion!’ and there are indeed many, many gigantic explosions

Zigg’s Thoughts

This is pretty much everything you could have asked for in a Kyoryuger finale – it’s incredibly funny, insanely overblown, sweet enough to be touching and spectacular enough to really feel like an epic send off for our heroes. Sure, it doesn’t necessarily hang together as a coherent narrative, but there’s enough spirit and joie de vivre  to power it past petty concerns like that.

Continuing a theme from last week, I’m astonished how much they chose to make the Daigo/Amy the focal point of this final showdown. It’s a risk that for the most part pays off, as the two demonstrate some great chemistry together. There’s some genuinely ‘awwwww’ worthy moments, none more so than the emotional reunion on the beach, which adds some much needed tension to the ending. Because really, is there any question Space Jesus Daigo wasn’t going to come back? The weak link here is that it’s all very much out of nowhere. granted, they at least dropped some hints as to the relationship earlier on, but I think this would have been even more effective had we seen some more meaningful interaction between the two. Still, their final scene together is packed with the sort of cheesy tenderness I wasn’t sure the show was capable of pulling off, and it’s great.

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The flipside of the episode concentrating on these two is that, after Daigo dumps Amy (in what’s a naggingly sexist move), it’s basically a one man show. Daigo’s faced accusations of spotlight stealing throughout the show’s run, but the fact that he gets to take on and defeat the main villain ENTIRELY BY HIMSELF really puts a buzzkill on the whole thing. The whole point of Super Sentai is that the team gets to triumph over adversity together – as it is, this just cheapens the efforts of everyone else. Don’t give me the whole ‘they’re helping him with the power of magic music’ either, that’s a cop-out and you know it. Although saving the world by singing your own theme song is pretty awesome. It helps that the presentation of the battle is so good too – sweet exploding base, awesome dual gun posing and DINOSAURS FLYING INTO SPACE are all things which are lots of fun.

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Also lots of fun is the backup crew’s chance to take Chaos down once and for all. It’s the perfect place for Candelia and Luckiero to make their entrance, and seeing Candelia battle alongside Torin, Tessai and Ramirez was too cool for words. The prior three are given kind of short shrift though – sure, they pop up at the end in their ‘we are watching over you’ moment, but a final speech would have been cool. Candelia and Luckiero’s farewell is a little muted too. The whole setup with the little girl is clearly trying for confusedly funny, but it just comes off as a little drawn out and creepy. really, I would have been down with Candelia just finally ‘fessing up and staying with Nossan. As it is, their brief moment together was still a great payoff.

Nitpicks aside, this was a fantastic finale to cap a very, very entertaining show, delivering all the trademarks we’ve come to expect from Kyoryuger – big laughs, big action and surprisingly big heart. It’s going to be tough to say goodbye to this brave crew, but that’s exactly what we’ll have to do in the next few days as we head to our final impressions of Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger.

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Random Observations

  • So Utchy did die, but then came back to life because…um…yeah. It’s completely pointless and was clearly only inserted to give the previous episode a cliffhanger.
  • So it turns out the Melody of the Earth is the Kyoryuger theme song. Even the planet thinks this show was awesome!
  • Unusually for a finale, several members of the team do not appear suited up at any point in this episode (except for the closing montage)
  • The show gleefully indulges in the Sentai tradition of completely trashing the home base in the last episode.
  • Dancing heroes of the week – everyone! Yayoi finally gets to join the core six, plus we’ve got Torin, Dantetsu, Ramirez, Tessai, Gentle, Yuko, Rika and Dr Ulshade. Then there’s the cameos from the voice actors – Toshiyuki Morikawa (Torin), Tōru Ōkawa (Deboss), Haruka Tomatsu (Candelia)/Yū Mizushima (Aigaron)/Ai Orikasa (Luckiero) as a trio, and Takayuki Sugō (Chaos)/Masaya Matsukaze (Endolf)/Satoshi Tsuruoka (Dogold) as a trio. And also the entire suit actor/stunt team! As I’m sure you noticed, they also all cameo in the episode proper. Head writer Riku Sanjo also pops up in a very very brief cameo – he accepts a bowl of food from Yuko and Rika.
  • Dancing villain of the week – the dumbass guy behind Utchy who can’t get in synch.
  • Deboss’s last minute revelation that he’s actually just the fall guy for an even more powerful villain who created him seems weird, since it’s a sequel setup for something which will never happen (except perhaps in a future movie). But it’s still a wonderful moment, because it opens up the possibility of even more DINOSAURS IN SPACE. If the way Kyoryuger ends is with the image of the crew sailing off into space loaded with dinosaurs, in search of fresh adventures then…that’d be just perfect, right?

[Over-Time] Voltasaur Team Kyoryuger - 48 [28971636].mkv_snapshot_21.51_[2014.02.14_01.19.38]

4 thoughts on “Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger Episode 48

  1. That line deboss said of serving his creator can only mean one thing, Vs movie. Btw what are your impressions of tokkyuger/toqger?

    • Yeah, movie setup is a pretty obvious conclusion, I’m just sad we won’t get Star Trek but with dinosuars. As for ToQger, first impressions when an actual episode has come out.

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