Magi 2 Episodes 21 and 22



Mogamett activates his trump card, creating an army of Black Djinn to wipe out both the Kou and Leam forces. Our heroes scramble to prevent things from escalating.

Iro’s Thoughts

It’s amazing how much life this anime sucks out of the source material. The pace of both of these episodes crawls along like molasses, when there is ostensibly a dramatic war going on. Where’s the sense of action? Even when Alibaba finally reveals his Full-Body Djinn Equip and bursts onto the scene, the action barely lasts a few seconds before everything slows down again for everybody to start talking. And then we just go back to Titus having his existential crisis and whatnot, and really I’m just annoyed because I wanted to see some animated Djinn Equips by now dammit.

All that said, the slower pace does work quite well for some of the more emotional scenes involving Mogamett, who continues to have some truly incredible voice work. It’s hard to believe this is the same guy who voiced goofy robot buddy Analyzer in Space Battleship Yamato 2199, particularly when he’s screaming at the people in the underground magoi furnace for being trash. Unfortunately, once he’s hooked up to the dark rukh reactor he mostly seems content to start chanting “kill all humans”, and summarily a fair amount of what made him an interesting character drains away into just being eeeeeeevil. Which then makes it even sillier once Titus decides to intervene and appeal to Mogamett’s true ideals of making everyone happy. Some condensing of events might have helped these scenes, showing that communing with the black rukh is actually affecting Mogamett instead of making it look like he’s content with murderizing scores of soldiers.


I can only hope the action side of things will pick up next week, particularly with the arrival of Ren Kouen and his household of kaiju. If you were wondering what was up with Drakon (aka Dragon Man) of Sinbad’s eight generals, he’s basically the same as these people in that he has basically fused with his Household Vessel and turned into a monster as a result. I tend to be a big fan of “heroes fighting against an endless army of mooks” scenes, and the upcoming battle was no exception in the manga, but considering the extreme lack of budget in the anime, I don’t really expect much. Perhaps they’ll finally kick things into gear for the finale?

Oh, who am I kidding. It’s still going to suck.

Random Observations

    • Crunchyroll’s subs for this show have never been terribly good, but they really drop the ball for these couple of episodes. Several lines seem to be directly translated from Japanese without even a once-over from an editor, and it all just comes across as incredibly sloppy.
    • The flashback to Kouha conquering Leraje’s dungeon marks the second time we’ve seen bare breasts on djinn in this show. Unlike Paimon from season 1, Leraje actually had a shirt on in the manga, so I can only assume this was the anime staff taking things as far as they could.
    • Kouen’s djinni Phenex (subbed by CR as Phoenix) is the 37th demon in the Ars Goetia, and Leraje is the 14th.


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