Magi 2 Episode 23



All of the Kou Metal Vessel owners (plus Alibaba) converge to help destroy the Medium.

Iro’s Thoughts

It’s amazing how much life this anime sucks out of the source material. The pace of this episode crawls along like molasses, when there is ostensibly a dramatic war going on. Where’s the sense of action? Even when everyone activates their Full-Body Djinn Equip and bursts onto the scene, the action barely lasts a few seconds before everything slows down again for everybody to start talking.

Wait, I said this exact thing last week. Funny how that works out. Seriously, I haven’t felt this let down since The World God Only Knows skipped over 60 chapters of content between anime seasons, and even in that situation I could understand the reasoning behind doing so. Here we just have an extreme lack of budget being allocated to something that should be fast, exciting, and climactic. The animated version of this episode ended up feeling significantly less dynamic than still pictures. They couldn’t even be bothered to do panel grabs of the manga, instead opting to include tons of tweening, stills, and close-ups to avoid having to actually animate any action.

In short, this episode was profoundly disappointing and I expect the last episode or two of this show will be equally so.


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