GLORIO Spring 2014 Anime Guide Part 2

2014 Spring_2

Part 2 of our Spring 2014 Anime Guide is headlined by the Noitamina block of shows and a pair of potential big hits in The Irregular at Magic High School and Knights of Sidonia. Add in a RomCom from the author of Love Lab and a few anime original projects and I’m finding the second half of the guide even more intriguing than the first. Anything looking good to you readers out there?

In case you missed it, you can also check out Part 1 of our guide here.

The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior

Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou

Manga Adaptation by Brains Base
Air Date: 4/3/2014
GLORIO Coverage: Marlin
Dude moves into a dormitory with a pervert roommate, the girl he has a crush on, and a couple of other weirdos as he tries to survive his high school days. If it wasn’t for the attention grabbing localization of the title and the fact that it’s written by Ruri Miyahara, the trailer would lead me to believe this is going to be a standard anime RomCom with little to be excited about. Factoring in Miyahara’s fantastic character work on Love Lab has considerably raised my interest though. I’d really like to see what she’s capable of in a potentially more serious setting, and when you throw in the fact that it looks rather pretty for a Brains Base show I’m kind of regretting handing this over to Marlin and not keeping it for myself.

The Irregular at Magic High School

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei

Light Novel Adaptation by Madhouse
Air Date: 4/6/2014
GLORIO Coverage: Irothtin
The story centers around a brother and sister – who are both terrible and amazing at magic respectively – as they enroll in a fancy private magic school. Of course, big brother has other special abilities that will no doubt come in handy later on. With its stylish looks and detailed world of magic weapons, I could totally see this being the next big thing. I could also see it devolving into “Light Novel Syndrome” technobabble infodumps (see: the wiki page) and I’ve already been told we have another sister obsessed with her brother thing going on here, but I suppose that’s never stopped an anime from being popular in the past. Detailed magi-tech fantasy worlds are in Iro’s territory, so he’ll be checking it out.

Fuun Ishin Dai Shogun

Anime Original by J.C. Staff, ACGT
Air Date: 4/9/2014
GLORIO Coverage: Gee-man
In an alternate Japan where the Meiji Restoration never happened and the people have continued to live in isolation… they now have giant robots and busty ninja girls. So, nothing changed then, huh? The only thing I might find interesting here is if it takes place in the present day and there’s some kind of culture clash, but I see no indication either way in the trailer. I’m not even really sure how much mecha is going to be involved, but Gee will be checking it out and letting us know.

Nanana’s Buried Treasure

Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin

Light Novel Adaptation by A-1 Pictures
Air Date: 4/10/2014
GLORIO Coverage: Jel
Our hero goes off to school and must slum it in a low rent apartment, only to find it’s inhabited by a cute ghost girl. They join the school’s “Adventure Club” and try to find, you guessed it, Nanana’s treasure. Call it a gut instinct, but for some reason I feel like this could be good. Maybe it’s the trailer giving off the “dumb comedy with heart” vibe I love, or maybe it’s the fact that this is one half of this season’s Noitamina block. I know that doesn’t mean much these days, but it is at least a hint that the series could have more ambition than the premise lets on. With all that said, I’m keeping this one for myself to find out.

Ping Pong The Animation

Manga Adaptation by Tatsunoko Productions
Air Date: 4/10/2014
GLORIO Coverage: Aqua
Normally the premise of two friends’ rivalry at a particular sport would lend itself to the usual shonen sports anime tropes, but the uniquely ugly style of director Maasaki Yuasa (Tatami Galaxy) have had some people buzzing about this. When your main character is named “Smile” you know there’s going to be some quirkiness, not to mention Ping Pong makes up the other half of Noitamina this season. This seems just about weird and ugly enough to appeal to Aqua, so we’ve got him on the job.

Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky

Escha & Logy no Atelier: Tasogare no Sora no Renkinjutsushi

Game Adaptation by Studio Gokumi
Air Date: 4/10/2014
GLORIO Coverage: Timmy
I’ve yet to tap into the adorable looking Atelier series, but I do know anime game adaptations and this probably will not end well. From what I understand the games are just as much slice of life and cute antics as they are alchemy and RPG battling, so so this may at least have a better shot at making the transition than some other games. Timmy does have a penchant for cute girls in cute fantastical settings, so he seems like the right person to check this out.

Knights of Sidonia

Sidonia no Kishi

Manga Adaptation by Polygon Pictures
Air Date: 4/10/2014
GLORIO Coverage: Gee-man
Knight of Sidonia (not to be confused with “Cydonia“, Aqua’s not the only one that gets to make music references!) is set 1000 years after aliens have destroyed the solar system and humans have been on the run in giant spaceships since. Based on a popular manga of the same name, I kind of get Attack On Titan vibes from this despite the drastically different settings. Could be a huge hit, although I’m a bit skeptical of the copious amounts of CG in the trailers. Gee also shares my concern, but as a fan of the manga he’ll be giving it a shot.

Did Anyone Order a Rabbit?

Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka?

Manga Adaptation by White Fox
Air Date: 4/10/2014
GLORIO Coverage: Marlin
Filling this season’s “cute girls drinking tea” quota, the plot revolves around a girl who pretty much lives in a rabbit-themed café where she hangs out with her friends. If you want some indication of how precious they’re trying to make this, all the girls are named after popular hot beverages like coffee and tea. Marlin is one of the few of us around here that can tolerate those levels of cuteness, so he’ll be checking it out.

Date a Live II

Light Novel Adaptation by AIC PLUS+
Air Date: 4/11/2014
GLORIO Coverage: Lifesong
The story about a hapless high schooler saving the world from pretty girls that rain down from space continues as Date a Live gets a sequel. I did not watch much of the original, but Lifesong informs me it was quite good at parodying various visual novel tropes a la The World God Only Knows. That might narrow the demographic a bit, but if that’s your thing go ahead and join Life as he takes a look at the sequel.

Mekaku City Actors

Vocaloid Music Video Adaptation (!) by Shaft
Air Date: 4/12/2014
GLORIO Coverage: Aquagaze
I am still trying to wrap my brain around what Mekaku City Actors actually is. In a nutshell, it’s an anime adaptation of a series of vocaloid music videos by popular producer Jin/Shizen no Teki-P. The plot involves a hikikomori who is forced to come out of his house when his cute girl computer AI makes him spill soda on itself. This leads to him accidentally joining a group of actors with special powers as they are thwarting a bank robbery. Uhhh, what? I’ll admit the concept has potential and with the notorious Akiyuki Shinbo at the helm I am expecting it to ooze with style. Whether or not it’s more than that remains to be seen, but Aqua will be letting us know either way.

M3: The Black Steel

M3: Sono Kuroki Hagane

Anime Original by Satelight
Air Date: 4/21/2014
GLORIO Coverage: Lifesong
Not much is known about this recently announced project besides the above trailer and the fact that this the second anime original penned by Mari Okada this season. The preview makes me think this will be more of a teen angst deal than a silly hot blooded type of mecha show, but hey the mechs themselves look pretty cool and you can’t go wrong with May’n in your soundtrack. Since we can’t give all the mecha shows to Gee and Zigg and Mari Okada is more his jam, Lifesong will be checking this out.

One thought on “GLORIO Spring 2014 Anime Guide Part 2

  1. Every season I tell myself, I am sick of the school setting, then something like Engaged to the Unidentified comes along. So I am pretty much going to wait for the reviews to pour in. I am still hoping for something along the lines of Humanity has Declined to come along.

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