First Look: Dragonar Academy


Light Novel Adaptation by C-Station
Simulcast on Funimation


Ash Blake (really?) is a student at a magical academy which focuses on dragon riding. He doesn’t have a dragon of his own yet, but bums rides off his best friend, like that dude who keeps asking you to take him to the pub with you.

Zigg’s Verdict: Dragged On

There’s not a single original thing in this barebones excuse for a show, and nothing I liked either. This ultra-generic tale of giant horse lizards dragons and magical schools features some of the very worst examples of AS YOU KNOW exposition I’ve ever had the misfortune to endure. And that’s not to mention the rubbish art, the piss-poor characterisation and the leering objectification of all the female characters. It’s worthless pap that squanders a cool (if done before) on-paper idea to sink into the same formless mush a lot of anime harem shows are made up of. I will say this though – best-friend-guy’s mullet is pretty sweet.


Lifesong’s Verdict: Cliche and Generic

Near everything in this episode has happened before and done better. The protagonist can’t summon his familiar and hated at school. When he does summon it instead of a dragon he gets a cute naked girl instead. He was also maybe raped by a spirit thing in his sleep? Creepy! All that said, as a fan of the things it is trying to ripoff I am curious to see if it can break out of that mold. I have little faith that it will be anything more than a shadow of things greater than it. The dragon race in the middle of this first episode was fun and that small bit of fun is enough to warrant giving it a second chance. I expect disappointment.

Iro’s Verdict: Dragon Droppings

Nothing stands out about this show. The concept of a dragon-riding academy might be interesting if anything involving dragons hadn’t been so overdone over the past several decades, but here it’s more of a excuse to import generic anime high school dynamics. Needless fanservice and revelation that the main character’s new dragon buddy is a young, prepubescent girl just dig the show deeper. Pass.


Marlin’s Verdict: Rape Scene What?

Seriously I still can’t get over that that actually happened. What the fuck show? Other than that, the plot itself is boring and generic as all hell. He’s an unpopular dope, she’s a prissy princess, they fight crime have thinly veiled sexual tension. Although obviously the harem lead is his not-dragon buddy, although from the next episode previews it would appear she might be the worst kind of tsundere. By the way, did everyone forget he was supposed to be in a race? He just runs off by himself once the dragon tires out and its like he got transported into the plot of a completely different show. The tonal change was just so drastic it threw me off for the rest of the episode.

One thought on “First Look: Dragonar Academy

  1. “Not pictured: Absence of Clothing” LOL great caption. Everything said was pretty much right on the nose, nothing remotely good about this series, it’s a lazy copy-paste job of every other harem, light novel series.

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