Magi: The Kingdom of Magic – Final Impressions


Recap (24-25)

Everyone shows up and attacks the Medium, opening it up for Aladdin to save the day with THE POWER OF FRIENDSHIP.

Iro’s Thoughts

Finally, we get some budget pumped into the show as the cavalry arrives and saves the day. The sheer amount of attacks thrown towards the Medium in quick succession clearly shows off Magi‘s shonen roots, and it’s quite fun to watch the constant explosions. Sinbad’s arrival with what is practically divine retribution is a great stand-up-and-cheer moment, as is Morgiana’s long-awaited return. Unfortunately, it’s too little too late, since the damage has been done by now. The anime still feels like it’s dragging, and after the super combined attack at the start of the finale, it lapses back into slow pacing and lots of talking.

Look, basically the explosions were cool for the few minutes they were onscreen, the Power of Friendship saves the day, everyone gets to keep pretending that Titus and Sphintus are still main characters, and blahblahblah happily ever after except for the sequel hook involving Hakuryu that probably won’t lead to anything because this anime kind of sucked.


Final Impressions

Iro’s Final Impressions

Biased though I may be as a proponent of the manga, this season of Magi was plain sad. Little effort was made to adjust to the new format, which led to extremely inconsistent narrative pacing throughout. You can see this even in the first episode, which carries on from the first season pretending that there wasn’t ever a six-month break in between seasons. It all comes across as sort of cheap fanservice for people who read the manga and wanted to see it all animated, except it fails at doing even this because there’s hardly any animation budget to speak of. As I said in this seasons Wrap-Up post, the budget seemed to peak very early on and proceeded to go way downhill.

Magi: The Kingdom of Magic failed to capture the sense of fun, wonder, and adventure that both the first season and the manga have. It’s not the worst thing I’ve ever seen, or even the worst adaptation, but considering how I fell in love with the first season, it’s profoundly disappointing.


2 thoughts on “Magi: The Kingdom of Magic – Final Impressions

  1. UHHH no. Honestly the second half of this second season was amazing. This anime does have a plot to it you know. And isn’t supposed to be all happy, fun and joy. They did an amazing job with the ending. I honestly like the ending more than the first season itself.

    • Thanks for the comment! Looking back on the second season, I was probably a bit harsh on it when comparing it to the manga, which I was greatly enjoying at the time.

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