The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior Episode 6



Shiro returns a missing wallet to the police which happens to be owned by a young elementary school girl. When the girl stops by the Kawai complex to thank him, she… falls in love?


This episode could haven’t gone really wrong really fast. I would have been considerably more worried by the cold opening had we not already established underage girls were the one thing the omni-sexual Shiro was not attracted to. Even so, the plot line began to tread into some dangerous territory as he started describing her as a sadist and the director, intentionally or not, relied on a few uncomfortable camera angles.


Fortunately Shiro never takes the bait and as always, the rest of the cast are there to keep things in check. Instead, Kawaisou once again manages to show a considerable amount of insight into how humans think as it contrasts being a kid with being an adult. I was impressed with how Chinatsu manages to be a pretty believable pre-teen with pretty believable pre-teen problems. Even her voice was normal, and as I instinctively prepared to cringe when she spoke I was relieved to find I didn’t have to. They could have easily picked up Chinatsu’s crush as tasteless gag to beat into the ground but instead the story is allowed to come to an appropriate conclusion.


The entire situation doubles as a means of bringing Usa and Ritsu together as the two get to observe instead of being the center of attention. Ritsu’s admission that Usa would be the better choice to fall in love with was particularly adorable, especially after Usa’s immature bout of jealousy toward Shiro two episodes ago. What could have been a really terrible and uncomfortable (in a bad way) episode actually turned out to be another solid round of heartfelt life observation. Now let’s hope they never bring that little girl back and quit while they’re ahead.


Marlin’s Thoughts

A bit of a weird episode, this one. I think ostensibly it’s supposed to be a character building moment for Shiro? It’s kinda undermined by the fact that he talks about the girl being a sadist, or how he should come back to her in nine years. Cradle robbers are only one step above pedos on the creeper scale, granted the step comes without legal ramifications but it doesn’t make Shiro any less creepy. Mayumi also loses some points, if that’s even possible. We know she’s supposed to be “the bitter grownup” character, but her actions are crazy even for that. No rational person would belittle a child like that. Also, she is apparently under 27, so why does she act like she’s in her lower thirties or something? The girl’s love confession did give us a pretty cute scene between Usa and Ritsu. I know if I heard a girl say I was the better choice, I’d take it the wrong way. I don’t know if American TV just spoils me, but it bums me out to think that there probably won’t be any actual resolution between the two of them before the end of this show’s run.

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