Best of Summer Wonder Festival 2014

jZw91aeIt has been a pretty mild summer this year for me which is great because I can use all that money I saved on AC bills to buy all the things at this year’s Summer Wonder Festival. And as it may have been less exciting for those of us not in love with Kantai Collection, Love Live, Tony Taka, or whatever half naked figures Native is working on these days, join us as we talk about the things that did ping our interests this year. Also THE LIST ANOTHER LIST

Jel’s Picks:

Koki Yamoto (Ninja Slayer) by Aquamarine


Jel: I have to admit this WonFes was pretty dull. It seemed like most of the figures announced were either Kantai Collection or Love Live or too early for a sculpt. So I’m going to cheat a bit and pick something that was previously announced but is now having a sculpt shown for the first time. I can’t say I know anything about the character beyond the fact I am looking forward to the Trigger adaptation of the manga she hails from, and unpainted she seems to be just another anime school girl with a big scarf and a sword. What I find particularly intriguing is the potential paint job. That is no ordinary scarf as it seems to be made of some kind pink energy, and I love the contrast with her unusually dark uniform. Combined with the tiny magic origami cranes, it’s a very simple, elegant look that I find really appealing. I hope the final version lives up to its potential.

figma Yu Narukami (Persona 4) by Max Factory


Jel: OK I know Yu is not the most exciting pick and there’s really nothing to see yet, but out of all the things announced he is the one I am most likely to buy. As far as the figma itself it’s really going to be the accessories that make or break him. I’m sure he’ll have a sword, glasses, and The Wild Card but hopefully they’ll be a few gag items to keep things interesting. Most importantly though, he’ll look cool standing next to my D-Arts Izanagi no Ookami and/or making out with my Chie and Yukiko figmas.

Zigg’s Picks:

Sakura Kinomoto & Syaoran Li (Cardcaptor Sakura) by Kotobukiya


Zigg: I’ve been hoping and praying for decent scale figures from Cardcaptor Sakura for a while, and while it’s a little surprising they’re not from Good Smile Company (who seemed to have the licence sewn up), I’m not complaining. Kotobukiya have produced some truly stunning stuff out of the ARTFX J recently and I’m hoping we get the same level of care and attention applied here. Also, it’s super cool Kotobukiya announced Syaoran right alongside Sakura. We need more boys and one without the other wouldn’t be right.


Fate Testarossa Blaze Form (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha) by Alter

Zigg: I’m well aware that by this point I have something of a problem regarding Alter’s Nanoha range, but when they look this amazing can you really blame me? You can pretty much check off the points on a list now – incredible cloth sculpt, flawless detail, excellent pose and just an all around impression of incredible quality. The massive white cape gives her a nicely different look from previous Fate figures and of course I’m a sucker for a gigantic sword. Call me boring if you like, but it’s still a stunning figure.

Lifesong‘s Picks:

Sakurako-san (Original Character) by Native


Lifesong:  This Wonfes was great for sexy figures and Kancolle collectors. There wasn’t much in the way of surprise for anything else. I suppose it isn’t too surprising that my both of my top picks from this year are on the sexier side of things. I’ve had my eyes on this nurse since I saw her design over a year ago and it’s awesome to finally see her sculpted. Everything about this figure is over the top and that is what I love about it. I’m a little disappointed to see that they toned her down and removed her self medicating wires. They also toned down the slime which I was worried might look really gross in figure form. Hopefully they add some of that ridiculous stuff back in when they present a painted version. For now I’m just happy to see that she is finally sculpted.

Super Sonico (Super Sonico The Animation) by Good Smile Company


Lifesong: Sonico is often embarrassed while having fun doing her job. Knowing that context changes the meaning of her expression for many of her figures, but few of them manage to look both embarrassed and clearly express that she is having fun. Good Smile have managed to capture one of Sonico’s more common expressions in a way that I didn’t think was possible until now. I need to see her painted before I praise Good Smile too much, but after seeing this sculpt I have high hopes for the final result.

Timmy‘s Picks:

Annabel (Original Character) by Kotobukiya


Timmy: I was going to do a straight up Tony Taka pick but I figured doing something like that twice would be cheating so I settled on the figure I am guaranteed to buy, Annabel. I adore my Daisy and all the positive energy she radiates with her overly cute expression and pose, and the idea of having her cute sister next to her giving a nice smile and a curtsy is something I cannot ignore. Of course she wasn’t the only Taka girl there, with Maxima Enfield, Xiao Mei and Rinrin, and Nakahara Tomoe all also gunning for my wallet, just to name a few.

FigFIX line  by Max Factory


Timmy: This one was a bit of a surprise for me but it does make a lot of sense. With rising figure production costs a scale line that Max Factory can produce in it’s current Figma factories seems like a good choice, and as the quality on their Figmas are usually pretty good I expect nothing but good things to come of this. The interchangeable face plates and faces that match their Figma line is also going to be a neat feature, and I just hope they understand the part where they need to have these reasonably priced, because I really don’t see people buying 80 dollar 1/12th scale figures. Depending on how they handle things and how she turns out, their Hitagi may be in my future.

Marlin’s Picks:

Iki Hiyori (Noragami) by MegaHouse


I’ll admit, this is mostly just because of my love of the show, but that’s half of what collecting is about right?  Unfortunately they seem to have eschewed a cool action pose, which would fit Hiyori despite her appearance. A flying kick would have been pretty sweet. Still, this looks pretty cute, and considering the slim pickings in this WonFes, I guess beggars can’t be choosers.

Charlotte Dunois (Infinite Stratos) by Max Factory

It’s nice to see an Infinite Stratos girl that isn’t getting cheaply exploited. This Charlotte figure has a lot of action to it, from the comically-oversized P-90 to whatever is going on with that left arm. I also dig the base, which tries to take your eyes off the invisible stand with some futuristic rings. I also love the smile on her face, as from what little I saw of Infinite Stratos, it seems to capture her personality splendidly.

2 thoughts on “Best of Summer Wonder Festival 2014

  1. wo nendo and Kaga figma from Goodsmile were pretty great but the Sakurako san by Native from lifesong up there looks amazing. sad to hear they toned her down…that is one fine sculpt though

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