Random Manga Theatre Final: Year Two Roundup

Hit the “Random” button and see what comes up! In this feature, we take a look at whatever manga the RNG decides to throw at us and find out if it’s worth your time.

This time: All the weird, crazy, terrible, and wonderful manga I’ve found over the past year, by Various Authors


Two years! I’ve been doing this for two years! Holy shit! That’s over a hundred manga (okay yeah, I know there were a lot of guest posts this year, but I did read a bunch of manga that didn’t get posts written about them) that I otherwise would have never known about. Well, I guess I would be better off not knowing about some of them, but there were still a few gems here and there. At least Sturgeon’s Law has been confirmed, right guys? 90% of everything is indeed crud, and with manga the percentage seems to be even higher. Alas, the lack of good venues means the Random Manga Theatre is now closing down. It’s been a good run.

If you’re interested in the first half of RMT, go on and check out this post right over here.

#54: Luno
A boy who dreams of adventure meets a young runaway who just might have strange powers over life and death.

#55: My Messiah
A guy with no personality turns out to be the “Messiah” of a fantastic alternate dimension.


#56: Jauhara Lailah
The latest in a line of great thieves searches for a group of magic stones with the help of his friend-turned-rival.

#57: What A Wonderful World
A melancholic series of vignettes about persevering through the trials of life.
(Guest post by MarlinClock)

#58: Pajama Girlfriend
A hapless harem protagonist has to choose between his idol senpai and his childhood friend (who is a ghost wearing pajamas).

#59: Dr. Haido’s Experiment Note
A oneshot from the author of Binbogami ga! about a mad inventor who must save his niece from villains.
(Guest post by JelX)


#60: The Shape of Voice
An emotional story about a deaf girl and the trials of being one of the “others”.
(Guest post by Gee-Man)

#61: Sand Land
An adventure story following demons who are trying to restore water to a desert nation ruled by a despotic king.

#62: Shina Dark
The Demon King has been revived and a thousand virgins have been sent to appease him. He decides to found a sovereign nation led by the ladies.

#63: In Bura!
A guy with really tasty blood gets a harem of busty vampires.

#64: Bambino!
In perhaps the most realistic cooking manga ever, we follow a college student who begins working for a prestigious Italian restaurant.

#65: Amanchu!
An easygoing slice-of-life about scuba diving.
(Guest post by Aquagaze)


#66: Miss T-Rex Heart
The mass extinction event that killed the dinosaurs slingshots the mind of a T-Rex into a modern-day high school girl.

#67: Legend of Himiko
An ordinary high school student and his girlfriend are transported into the past to fight the demon king or something.

#68: Loose Relation Between Wizard and Apprentice
A girl in the magic club at high school is apprenticed to the magical guardian of the region and wants to get in his pants.

#69: Undercurrent
A woman re-opens her family’s bathhouse some time after her husband abandons her.

#70: A Lollipop or a Bullet
A sullen girl meets the quirky daughter of a famous musician and then everything goes to shit.
(Guest post by Aquagaze)

#71: Kaikisen
The Little Mermaid can be a bitch.
(Guest post by MarlinClock)


#72: Mr. Morning
A country boy lands a job working on the cross-country train, which ends up way more exciting than it has any right to be.

#73: The Laundromat Woman
An absurdist comedy about a strange laundromat and its even stranger owner.

#74: Lample
A lamp-bound demon who grants wishes in exchange for life force makes a deal to live in an antique shop and befriend its owner.

#75: Lolicon Saga
In a city of lolis, there’s a loli task force to protect the loli princess from lolicons.


#76: I’m a Brocon Little Sister That Loves Big Brother Too Much And Wants To Do “NyanNyan” But I Can’t Be Honest
That title says it all.

#77: Adabana
An immortal man with a demonic blade wanders the country, attempting to atone for the sins of his past.

#78: Tokage
A reincarnating demon weighs on the fabric of reality itself, leading various people to chase him down to try and gain immortality themselves.


#79: Guns and Stamps
A war is raging between two major powers, but the focus lies with a lieutenant who works in the Logistics Division.

#80: Tiji-kun!
Some kid is super good at karate and uses his skills to fight bullies.

#81: Olimpos
A highly stylized version of the story of Ganymede, a beautiful young man who was taken to Olympus by the gods.

#82: Beach Stars
A sports manga all about the beach volleyball club.
(Guest post by Gee-Man)

#83: Rolan the Forgotten King
The captain of the royal guard “kidnaps” the princess to save her from an arranged marriage.

#84: Gate of Higajo
A regular guy meets a girl with magical powers who’s trying to apply for magic high school.


#85: Negative Happy Chainsaw Edge
A regular guy meets a girl who regularly fights a mysterious, chainsaw-wielding man.

#86: Love Allergen
High school students form a Love Research Club to teach a sentient tree about love. See also: Love Lab.

#87: Guardian Dog
A regular high school student ends up possessed by an alien and fighting to protect humanity from the bad aliens.

#88: Zai x 10
A series of comedic vignettes involving various criminals.
(Guest post by Gee-Man)


#89: Mazinger Angels
A crossover of Go Nagai’s works where the female leads of Mazinger are a Charlie’s-Angels-esque mecha squad.

#90: ABLE
A dialogue-less action story following a mysterious revolver as it repeatedly changes hands.

#91: Hibiki’s Magic
A weepy young girl is drafted to become a professor at a magical university.

#92: Zombie Bitch Sakina Is in Bitch Girl?
A high school girl has become a zombie kept alive by dirty thoughts.


#93: Femme Fatale
A tumultuous romance between college students, some of which are already in relationships.

#94: Miyori’s Forest
After getting dumped off by the worst parents ever, Miyori learns she’s some kind of Druid.
(Guest post by MarlinClock)

#95: Lost + Brain
An ambitious high school student uses the power of hypnosis to kickstart his plan to change the world.

#96: Inside Our Roof Beneath The Sky
A slice-of-life depicting the misadventures of a recently graduated NEET and her efforts to get a job.
(Guest post by Euricaeris)

Three roommates who hate girls are nevertheless drawn into wacky hijinks with the ladies.

#98: Raqiya
The Anti-Christ has descended, and she’s a normal Japanese high-school girl.

sentoman1 - Copy

#99: Thousand and Ten Thousand
A slice of life about a single dad and his snarky tween daughter.

#100: One Hundred Yen!
Slice of life starring a girl whose hobby is saving money and a girl who loves spending.

#101: Straight Chaser
A directionless 20-something learns about the wonders of jazz.

#102: Nostalgia for the Blue Seashore
A girl is transported from the 1920s to the present, and strikes up a romance with a local teen.


#103: Misappropriations Investigator Rintaro Nakabo
From the creator of Fist of the North Star, an epic tale about… debt collection.

Thanks for your faithful reading for all this ti- pffffffffffffffffff I can’t even say that seriously. Thanks anyway, though.

3 thoughts on “Random Manga Theatre Final: Year Two Roundup

  1. Hey Irothin is there like a rating system here? Or listing all the manga you’ve read in two years? You’re a beast by the way.
    I always wanted to get into manga but just can’t find a place to buy it (reading it online just doesn;t do it for me).
    Anyhow ill have a look at your list.

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