All Your Monies: September 1st 2014


Hello, and welcome to All Your Monies, where The Glorio Blog’s resident toy and figure collecting crew (and Aquagaze) will run down the last week’s new pre-orders, turning a loving or scathing eye over what’s been put out for you to spend your hard earned cash on. This week we’ve got the biggest, most expensive figure ever featured on the blog.

Wonderful Hobby Selection Colossal Titan (Attack on Titan)
Good Smile Company, March 2015, ¥70,000 (Exclusive, limited to 500 pieces)


Zigg: This thing is so far beyond ‘regular purchase’ that any sort of critique of it is pretty much pointless. If you want this and can afford it, you already know what to do. Having said that I’m mightily impressed by the incredible all over detail and it’s certainly an inarguable collection centrepiece. Still looks a little bit like he’s going for a slam dunk for my liking though.

Jel: This is exactly like when a car company makes a ridiculous concept car that they have no intention of mass producing just to show off what they can do.. Colossal Titan is certainly an amazing technical feat as it’s one of the most detailed sculpts I’ve ever seen and at about 20 inches tall it lives up to its name. It’s a very visually intense piece, especially when contrasted with all the cute Animu Babes we usually see in the feature, and yet I’m not sure why anyone would want a terrifying sentient med school dummy in their house. A round of applause for Good Smile Company, and now I never want to see that thing again.

Euri: I’ll give them credit for trying, that much I can say. The detail that goes into each figure might reflect the limited run and cost of the piece, but at the end of the day, it’s just plain ugly to look at. The Colossal Titan was never much of a pin-up, but I’d much prefer something similar to the anime than a concept for a live-action movie. I’m sure there are going to be people fighting over this, and more power to them, but it’s not doing it for me.

Timmy: Even if I was into this, and with all that amazing detail I could be very easily, that prices is going to turn anyone not super serious away. Still you are getting a super limited amazing Attack on Titan piece and a lot of bragging rights if you have more money then common sense.

Yamato Kai: Light / Heavy Armament ver. (Kantai Collection)
Max Factory, April 2015, ¥10,926/¥19,800 (Heavy Armament is exclusive)


Zigg: Kantai Collection continues to be the least interesting thing on the planet to me, and the figures continue to be very solid, well detailed renditions of the characters. Good Smile in recent years have increasingly pulled the ‘two versions!’ trick and while the massively extravagant Heavy version is eye-catching (especially that very neat water effect) it’s so over the top as to be comical. All the grey plastic isn’t a great look in my opinion. Plus both of these are overpriced.

Jel: It seems we give KanColle a hard time every week for it’s “slap a boat part on a girl” design theory and while Yamato doesn’t stray too far from that in concept the sheer amount of mecha helps compensate. The base is what really steals the show here though. I know GSC has done the water effect before, but this works so well that I now expect all KanColle figures to have a liquid base from here on out.

Euri: I won’t pretend like I have any knowledge of KanColle beyond knowing there’s a game involved, but I can see this figure being the kind of thing that people with disposable income would pick up on a whim. It looks great, it’s eye catching and she at least has a full set of clothes on. A pretty nice conversation piece if you’ve got your connoisseur anime friends over your place.

Timmy: I am actually kind of digging Yamato here despite the usual “generic girls with ship parts attached” qualms. and that is before you add that amazing base into the equation. She has a nice relaxed and serene pose and expression, and its a far cry from the exploitative looking situations that Max Factory is putting the other girls in. She has enough interesting details on her own and the quality of everything is at its usual high levels. Then we get to that base and, well, that base is nothing short of amazing. I appreciate offering a cheaper version but if you are buying this, the heavy armaments version is the way to go, money be dammed.

Asuka Langley Shikinami (Evangelion 3.33)
Amakuni, April 2015, ¥13,300 (Exclusive)


Zigg: Despite the almost comically blatant butt-shot pose, I actually sort of like this. Asuka’s 3.33 plugsuit is an unholy mess of colours that shouldn’t really work but some how does, and that massive naginata adds a ver distinctive visual element that somewhat offsets the silliness of the pose. Plus she’s big (1/6 scale) and that helps jsutify the above average price. Amakuni normally produce good, in not quite top-notch, quality and so this gets a cautious thumbs up from me.

Jel: How many different plug suits do the Evangelion girls even have at this point? I’m not really fond of this one as it looks like they just gave up from the waist down. I guess I can’t complain too much as Pirate Asuka wielding a giant double bladed naginata thing is pretty rad, and the blue blades make for a striking contrast to Asuka’s overly familiar color palette. She’s awfully pricey for such a simple figure, but it’s pretty cool if you haven’t picked up any of the other hundreds of Asukas at this point.

Euri: I’ve thought a lot about what kind of Evangelion figure I’d want in my collection, and despite the price of it, this would be a good contender. The colours and pose are great, the demon scalpel looks super cool, and it’s definitely one of the better-made Eva figures I’ve seen. To contest Jel’s point about giving up on the waist down, I’d say that they knew exactly what they were doing there. There aren’t going to be that many people fretting over pirate Asuka butt, and (unfortunately) I think that’ll help secure a few more sales.

Timmy: I am pretty glad I don’t buy Evangelion figures because I would probably need this Asuka on my shelf otherwise. A pretty stellar offering with a great face, interesting weapon, great hair, and a pretty unique color scheme that shouldn’t work as well as it does. A great piece to add to your collection if you can deal with the price and that exclusive status.

Kirino/Kuroneko Yukata ver. (Oreimo)
FREEing, December, ¥7,333 each 


Zigg: I like Kuroneko, whose blue yukata is a nice change from her standard black palette, yet remains subdued enough to remain in character. Way less fond of Kirino, whose face is far gone into cartoonish territory and whose back-breaking pose is both unnatural and exploitative all in one go. Of course, the fact remains you should never buy any Oreimo merchandise ever because come on people.

Jel: I thought my contract stated I never had to write about Oreimo again? WHO IS IN CHARGE HERE??? *Ahem* so completely out of context I guess these are pretty cute, with each girl sporting very appropriate poses, expressions, and color palettes. FREEing’s yukata figures have failed to impress more often than not, so from that perspective I’d say these are a success. OK now back in context, GUH OREIMO IS GROSS, MOVING ON.

Euri: As figures, these are pretty well made. The sculpts look great, the expressions are neat and they aren’t in skimpy bikinis or school swimsuits for a change. If you like these characters, go for it. The rest of us will instead try to forget about the source material.

Timmy: Freeing has shown much improvement with their yukata line and these two continue that progression as they both actually turned out pretty nice. Kuroneko looks pretty good in that light bluei and purple color scheme with her appropriate expression, and Kirino look pretty cute with her hair tied up and that big cheerful look on her face. Not a bad deal if you are still buying Oreimo merchandise and fairly priced as well. Also what is wrong with you?

Asuna Vacation Mood ver. (Sword Art Online)
Chara-Ani, December, ¥10,093


Zigg: From the company that already bought you an Asuna figured titled ‘New Wives Always Say Yes’. I suppose I could talk about how it’s technically sound or how the sand effect base is cool, but why do those things matter when I’d really rather just back away slowly?

Jel: We’ve really got a lineup of “AYM All Stars” this week. Attack On Titan, Kantai Collection, Evangelion, Oreimo, and now of course, Sword Art Online. I’m surprised we didn’t see any Nanoha. That aside, I’ll give them credit choosing a creative perspective and including the beach sand and towel in the mix, and overall it’s a lovely sculpt. Beyond that though, Asuna just gives off the usual power fantasy “please take me” vibe that I don’t want any part of

Euri: Credit where credit is due, because experimenting with the beach is certainly a refreshing idea, as much as I can’t say I care personally for things like this, or that Hatsune Miku World is Mine figure. It doesn’t much matter though, as my interest in this was lost when it overshot the ‘cute girl on beach’ description and headed straight for something far more gross. These figures will keep coming so long as there’s an audience for them, and that’s basically all I can say about it.

Timmy: I really like the idea here but that is offset by my dislike for how prominent her butt is in the piece. Still, the face looks nice and the hair looks amazing, especially in that blue alternate color scheme they are putting out. Not a bad deal if you like Asuna’s butt, and this would otherwise look really cool in a glassless frame hanging on the wall.

3 thoughts on “All Your Monies: September 1st 2014

  1. Colossal Titan looks proportionaly wrong, no? Small head, MASSIVE forearms…And the Slam Dunk pose. Weird

    Yamato Kai looks very very well done. The base is really top notch, totally adds value.

    When the hell does Asuka weild a naginata? Or is this just here to add effect?

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