Hunter x Hunter Episode 139-144



Chris comes back from holiday to discover that the whole demon child/voting arc is still going on. Leorio is still shit.

Euri’s thoughts

Only four episodes to go. It’s sad to see this show go, having watched it since the beginning, back when I was in university. Still, I wouldn’t say that the show seems to be winding down in any way whatsoever, so the backlog of episodes made for a great mini-marathon. Oddly enough, given it’s six episodes of content that I have to recap, there isn’t a great deal I can say. We still have our two stories running in tandem, with the zodiacs electing a new chairman in one half while Killua and Alluka head to Gon in the second. The vote is down to four people, and Killua is waiting for Alluka to wake up, after escaping from Illumi. I could leave the recap at that, but there are some key moments I want to talk about.

First, there’s the death of Gotoh at the hands of Hisoka. Obviously our favourite clown isn’t going to care about taking out someone he has no interest in, so his fate was basically sealed as soon as the fight started. However, I can’t help but wish the fight was at least a little longer. Seeing Gotoh getting riled at Hisoka also seems a little out of character, but it’s hard to say what most people would do when they’re fighting for their life.

Hisoka, surprise surprise, is as interesting as always. We know he’s helping out Illumi, though the reasons for doing it seem to be unknown. Is it because they are partners, or is Hisoka trying to avoid a fight with him at the moment? To me, it seems pretty obvious that he does, at some point, want to fight with Illumi. It doesn’t seem that obvious what he’s waiting for, however, but his logic in taking out Killua in order to infuriate Illumi seemed like some great Hisoka logic. Seeing him weigh up what option would give him the best fight to get his schwing on was chilling, but of course we’ve got to wait for Gon.

It’s a shame we won’t see Hisoka fighting adult Gon. It’s stuff like that that I’d love to see in a movie or OVA, though. Most shounen movies aren’t canon anyway!


Another important discovery concerns the rules for Alluka’s power, specifically that you can seemingly use them for good and not have to fret about the consequences. This wasn’t particularly elaborated on, though we know that Killua is at least confident enough to allow Alluka to heal Tsubone’s injuries. There’s no way he’d have allowed that to happen if it jeopardised Gon’s chances of recovery, and even though it’s a rule that the rest of the Zoldyck family were unaware of, it doesn’t seem like a particularly bad one for them to know about, assuming there are no hidden catches or rules that need to be worked around. It makes Gon’s recovery seem almost inevitable at this point, so I can’t help but think that there’s some kind of limit or catch involved.

Revealing that Something does not make evil requests if the previous wish was to heal seems to have been enough to keep Illumi away for the time being, but it raises a few more questions. To start with, Killua looks defeated when he orders Something to heal Tsubone, as if it wasn’t a part of the plan. If this is correct, we still don’t know how what that means for Gon. By the looks of things, it’s just a case of allowing Alluka to sleep, and that he was upset that Gon’s healing would be delayed, but it’s hard to say if that’s the full extent of things. Killua also reveals that there is a fifth rule, and based on Illumi’s remarks, it’s something that makes Killua able to wish twice in a row, even though you normally can’t do that. Considering Killua is desperate to keep it a secret, I’m going to assume that it’s a rule that favours him specifically. Perhaps a special rule that grants benefits to the one that Alluka loves the most?

That seems to be the gist of it, aside from miscellaneous voting drama! This final month of episodes will go all too quick, I’m sure, and it won’t be too long until it’s time to pick up the manga…


Random observations

  • Seeing all of Gon’s friends guarding his hospital room was great to see. I’m sure even Illumi would think twice about showing up with that many skilled hunters around.
  • I kind of want to know how the old maid figured out her ability, and how it works?
  • I think I might be wishing too much of Gotoh, but it also might be because he reminds me of Akira Date from Kamen Rider OOO, if only because of the coin motif.
  • The Leorio punch was a good introduction to his newfound nen abilties, but he’s still poo.

4 thoughts on “Hunter x Hunter Episode 139-144

  1. I kind of want a Hisoka spinoff? But when I think about it it seems a terrible idea. But truly he is one of the most intriguinging characters on the show.

    “I kind of want to know how the old maid figured out her ability, ”
    -Was this implied in the show? At the end i recall Killua only asking Nanika to heal the obaba after Illumi appears thus forcing obaba to appear to give Kils some help.

    • Sorry, I meant Tsubone’s ability to turn into vehicles! Like, how do you figure out you can do that? And even then, get someone to ride you?

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