All Your Monies: September 22nd 2014


Hello, and welcome to All Your Monies, where The Glorio Blog’s resident toy and figure collecting crew (and Marlin) will run down the last week’s new pre-orders, turning a loving or scathing eye over what’s been put out for you to spend your hard earned cash on. This week it’s slim pickings again, but we’ve got Miku, Maikos and Momotaros (sort of).

Hatsune Miku Tell Your World ver. (Vocaloid)
Good Smile Company, May 2015, ¥9,259 


Zigg: This is a beautifully sculpted and put together figure that has the interesting advantage of being a little more low-key than most versions of the character. Sure, you’ve still got the amazing hair (the strand twisting around the leg is a nice touch) but the outfit is smart and colourful without being totally over-the-top and the net result is something that you might actually wear in the real world. This works both for and agaisnt the figure, since it’s something different and interesting but it doesn’t have much wow factor. Still a solid purchase though.

Jel: This is a lovely sculpt, particularly the hair swirling around her arms and legs, and surprisingly the garish colors of her top still make an interesting splash outside away from the original artwork. I still can’t tell what she’s doing with that pose though. Is she in deep thought? Sniffing her hair? Both? This is the official figure for one of her biggest songs so that could be a huge plus if you’re a fan, there are certainly other options worth considering first though.

Marlin: I’m liking all the little details to this, like the folds in the scrunchies and her skirt. Add the belt loop coming off the side gives the figure a nice illusion of movement to it. I kinda like the color scheme on her blouse, even if it looks like she just got back from a game of paintball. Playing with your hair has always been kind of a coquettish thing to do, and I think it works here. It’s the hair going down her leg which is more puzzling, making it seem like either she has the stiffest hair in the world or it has a mind of its own.

figma Shinobu Oshino/figFIX Shinobu Oshino (Monogatari)
Max Factory, April 2015, ¥3,704


Zigg: The figma is cute, but what I really want to talk about here is the figFIX version. Basically the line is GSC’s attempt to produce figma scale statics at low prices, effectively cutting into the growing prize figure market. It’s a sound idea but their initial choices have been pretty baffling – a skeevy ‘battle damaged’ Shimakaze followed by this rather simple, dour version of Shinobu. The figma on the other hand is pretty adorable, even if the somewhat minuscule size feels a little like a ripoff.

Jel: I feel like Shinobu’s figma has been in development forever, but it turned out really nice now that it’s here. It’s hard to argue with that Donut Face. I find the FigFIX concept intriguing as they are basically high quality prize figures but I’m definitely going to pass on Shinobu’s sadder/creepier Bakemonogatari look.

Marlin: I don’t know, her hair still just looks like a huge bunch of bananas to me. I’m not even sure what you’d do with a figma Shinobu, all she does is bite people and eat donuts. That said, it is the better alternative to that creepy Bake version.

Beach Queens Kazari Uiharu/Ruiko Saten (A Certain Scientific Railgun)
Wave, March 2015, ¥5,580


Zigg: Of these two I prefer Uiharu for two reasons. One is that her short hair is better at hiding the weakness of these BQ sculpts, and the second is that her swimsuit is so modest it’s basically a rather nice looking sundress. That’s not to say Saten looks bad or anything, but she definitely starts falling into the ‘generic girl in swimsuit’ trap.

Jel: Man, Saten must have been doing some crunches because she is looking pretty toned there. These are about as sweet and inoffensive as swimsuit figures can get and fit the characters rather nicely. My only complaint is Saten’s hair looks a little clumpy even by Beach Queens standards, otherwise these look pretty decent for the line.

Marlin: Is it just me, or is Saten’s bellybutton way too high on her. I know this is a weird thing to fixate on, but the moment i saw it i couldn’t put the question out of my head. Being never much of a fan of swimsuit figures there’s not much else I can say than they look pretty solid. It does seem like Uiharu’s onepiece is a little too glossy, makes it look like she’s wearing a shower curtain with straps or something.

Mami Tomoe Maiko ver. (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)
Aniplex, April 2015, ¥14,500 (Exclusive)


Zigg: These maiko figures have been absolutely stunning all along, and I particularly enjoy the continued trend of dressing the characters in something other than their ‘preferred’ colour. Mami looks very fetching in pink here, the pose is unique and in character and the overall level of detail is very high indeed. Check out those beautiful hair decs or the little Charlotte mini-fig. It’s a shame these have to be exclusive but at least they’re living up to their status.

Jel: These Madoka Maiko figures continue to blow me away. If it wasn’t for Madoka’s stunning color contrast I might say Mami is the best one yet. The patterns on her kimono are gorgeous, the sculpt is flawless, and the detail work on her hair pieces are very impressive. It really comes down to the color again, as I would have preferred something more bold to work against Mami’s light hair color. Maybe green? Other than that, this is a beautiful figure.

Marlin: The pattern on this is really well done, and I love how the kimono has little folds as would naturally develop when she’s walking. Not sure why she’s not wearing some kind of footwear with them, though. I have to agree that a different color may have made this pop a bit more, but pink seems very traditional as far as kimonos are concerned, so it’s still a nice presentation.

S.I.C. Kamen Rider OOO TaMaShii Combo (Kamen Rider OOO)
Bandai, October, ¥9,000 (Exclusive)


Zigg: As ever with the S.I.C. line Bandai to a tremendous job of twisting the basic design into a freaky monstrous looking abomination. I think in this case though those ridiculously huge shoulder pads are maybe a step too far. As fun as it is to see a reminder of Momotaros, they tip the thing into sheer goofiness. Also worth a reminder – this is a variant re-design of a one-off form that appeared in a non-canon crossover movie for about 90 seconds. Bandai sure knows how to make that money.

Jel:  Alright I know I always make bug jokes here to compensate for my lack of Kamen Rider knowledge, but I have to admit this looks pretty rad. I guess you only need a quick glance at the pricetag to see why – this is not the usual cheap Figuarts deal, this is an impressively sculpted figure. Love the classic black, gold, and red color combo and the amount of detail on the armor bits look great.

Marlin: Can’t look at this without immediately thinking of Asmodeus, but the sculpt is super cool and these Kamen Rider figures always seem like the best ones for full articulation since you can easily hide joints behind wicked armor parts. That belt also has to be one of the coolest I’ve ever seen, I love the huge gear and the whole thing just has this cool mechanical style to it. I’ve heard OOO is one of the good ones, maybe I should finally find out why.

6 thoughts on “All Your Monies: September 22nd 2014

  1. Did you guys noticed that the shoulder pads on S.I.C Kamen Rider OOO TaMaShii are based on the Tamashii Nation logo, taking the whole joke about this form even further.

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