All Your Monies: October 27th 2014


Hello, and welcome to All Your Monies, where The Glorio Blog’s resident toy and figure collecting crew (and Aquagaze) will run down the last week’s new pre-orders, turning a loving or scathing eye over what’s been put out for you to spend your hard earned cash on. This week someone left the door open allowing Timmy to sneak in, and you know what that means: Tony Taka and swimsuit figures for everyone!

Sorey/Alisha (Tales of Zestiria)
Kotobukiya/Alter, April/March 2015, ¥10,000 each


Timmy: Ah yes, everyone loves to see some teamwork and it is neat to see Koto and Alter working together for this series. And they both look pretty great. I personally find Alisha more interesting with her pink with light green color combination and crazy looking arm and leg armor but I don’t think you can go wrong with either of these. I just hope Kotobukiya can keep up with Alter from a quality standpoint.

Jel: This game isn’t even out yet right? Well either way it’s cool to see Alter continuing their excellent Tales line and these two are worthy additions. I must say Alisha is more visually interesting with her bold pink and green color choices and cool armor bits. Sorey just looks like a dude in plain clothes with a ridiculous cape, but I guess that’s to be expected with most anime guy characters.

Euri: Alisha looks like quite a nice figure. Maybe not ¥10,000 nice as far as I’m concerned, but given that it has thigh gap, access to armpits and hot pants, I’m going to hazard a guess and say that the market for it is reasonably large. I kid though, it does look rather appealing. Sorey, on the other hand, looks like they’ve made a figure of a Sorey cosplayer. I can’t get past the stupid Piccolo-style shoulder/cape combo alongside trousers that either haven’t been ironed or are made out of stone. No thanks. 

Chie Satonaka/Mitsuru Kirijo Beach Queens (Persona)
wave, May 2015, ¥6,200/¥6,400


Timmy: These actually aren’t too bad, and I like the poses on both of them well enough, especially Chie’s. The biggest issue here is if the quality justifies the price, which looking at the other P4 BQ gals was 2,500 yen less two years ago. Preorder these only if you absolutely need them in your life as fast as possible, otherwise wait for the price to drop.

Jel: It’s no secret how much we love Persona around here but let’s be honest: these are kind of boring. Chie at least has some color and energy to her and I suppose Mitsuru is keepin’ it classy as always, but I can’t see anyone beyond the most diehard fan wanting these. It’s harder to swallow when you look at how recent price hikes have affected the Beach Queens line. 6000+ yen for 1/10 scale figure that is barely a step above prize figure quality? Even if they weren’t swimsuit figures I’d have to say pass.

Euri: I basically agree with Jel. These two figures are really boring, and that’s not good enough for that kind of price. That’s not to say that every swimsuit figure has to be somewhat erotic because hey, you’re buying a swimsuit figure, but something needs to be going on. 

Kurumi Tokisaki (Date a Live II)
Alphamax, March 2015, ¥11,800


Timmy: Pretty neat, although all that orange is going to make anything think of Halloween any time of year. The orange and black is a combo we don’t see very often and I like it. Her nicely crafted weapons and that stellar base also add a lot to the piece. Pretty swanky overall, and I am even a bit tempted myself despite not being a Date a Live fan.

Jel: What is up with anime girls and muskets these days? That aside, this is quite lovely as the sculpt looks nice, her dress is relatively modest, and the detailed clockwork base adds a nice finishing touch. About the only thing I don’t like is the color scheme, which makes this look like a Halloween figure. Good timing I guess?

Euri: Yep, this figure definitely screams Halloween, though I suppose that doesn’t matter too much. Overall I quite like this figure, as there’s plenty of things going on and the colours are pretty uncommon. Not sure about the hair though, as while I know they wanted some kinda epic pose, it kinda looks like extreme bed hair to me. Maybe she can use it to fly?

Kirino Kousaka Mizugi Version (Oreimo)
Orca Toys, May 2015, ¥9,800


Timmy: I had nice things to say about Kuroneko way back when, (I like the new face on the recolor even better) and most of that stuff carries over into their Kirino as well. That slight pudginess is still present as is the attention given to the detail of her attire. The face and pose are nice enough too, though I am not really a fan of the lack of material in the design of her top but I guess you can’t win them all. Not a terrible price given the scale either.

Jel: I don’t know whether I’m more proud of or disappointed in Timmy for not including Griffon’s 1/2.5 scale version with the squishy boobs. Anime is truly dead.

Euri: No.

Sakuya Mode:Seraphim (Shining Ark)
Kotobukiya, March 2015, ¥16,800


Timmy: Not really sure if this was actual planned character design or someone dared Tony to put as many wings as he can on a girl and still make it look nice but I love the outcome regardless. The wings are stunning, as is the ribbon she is wrapped in and her hair with that sadly obscured from the front long ponytail look really nice as well. Face is real pretty with the expression fitting quite well, as it is something you would expect to see with someone modeling a pose like this, and of course her body sculpt and her curves are very nicely crafted to top everything off. The large scale will no doubt make this a great centerpiece for any Tony collection, if you don’t mind the fact she is wearing pretty much nothing. The price isn’t that bad either with the scale and the amount of plastic attached to her back in mind, and the cost per wing is actually pretty cheap if you think about it. I just hope she isn’t as much of a pain in the ass to put together as I am expecting her to be.

Jel: Is it weird that this immediately made me think of a caduceus? Now I bet you can’t unsee it.

Euri: A childhood favourite character, undressed.

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