Amagi Brilliant Park Episode 4



Fifty’s management style (i.e. point gun in face) has worn thin on the staff and tension grows high as Kanye continues to delegate tasks to her. A potentially disastrous flood at the park provides the perfect opportunity for her to prove her value to the team.

Jel’s thoughts

I have a confession to make: I like business-oriented reality TV shows. The most popular examples might be Undercover Boss or Shark Tank, but I recently starting watching The Profit. In this particular series, a no nonsense investor takes over a failing business and takes drastic measures to save it. They dip into the financial details of how the business failed and the plan to save it, but there is also tension and human drama as the previous management comes to grips with the fact that they failed.


That is exactly what happened in this week’s episode of Amagi Brilliant Park and it was a big improvement over last week’s creepy bikini video thing. For some reason Fifty’s whole soldier thing didn’t click for me until I saw her barking out orders to everyone. I’m glad we have some kind of justification for her stoic personality, and I loved the excellent directing that helped visually establish some common ground with Kanye’s past problems. I’m less sure how I feel about a potential love triangle brewing between Kanye, Fifty, and Latifah as I’d almost rather this story stay romance free, but I’ll have to see how things pan out more before passing judgement.

The most impressive thing out of all the episode though was showing Kanye is a vulnerable, imperfect human being. The fear of heights thing turned into something a bit deeper than I was expecting, but for this episode I was more happy to see him make a mistake in managing the park. We complain a lot around here about the Kiritos and Tatsuyas of the world being flawless power fantasy proxies, so I have to make sure we give credit when we get a protagonist with enough nuance to screw up while still being very talented. Overall, it was a good return to form and I like that we’re establishing some deeper bonds with the characters as they tackle some big problems, let’s hope they keep this up.


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