Amagi Brilliant Park Episode 5



Out of money and potentially unable to make payroll, Kanye is desperate. He takes the team to investigate rumors of a hidden treasure in the park’s abandoned southern facility, which hides a dangerous underground labyrinth.

Jel’s thoughts

Even if the premise was completely ridiculous, this episode was a creative way of expanding the possible settings for whatever problem of the week Kanye and company are dealing with. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised considering the entire show sits on a fantasy foundation, but seeing the crew dive into an RPG-esque dungeon crawl was pretty amusing. I’d be truly impressed if they went into completely different territory, say like a Yakuza episode or something. I don’t think they’ll go that far but at least the possibility is there now.


I’ve expressed concerns in previous posts about the use of Kanye’s mind reading power, or more specifically the lack of use, but I must admit having put it on the shelf for so long and then calling it back had much more impact than if he had been Geassing people every episode. Between that and Moffle throwing out a metsu shoryuken the entire scene with the dragon was one of Amagi’s best scenes yet.

About the only weak point was the fact that the entire episode plotline revolved around one man’s errr mascot’s otaku obsessions, which is getting to be a tired reason for just about anything in anime these days. I’m also not wild about the episodic feel of this particular plot line as it didn’t contribute much to the overall goal. Those are bigger issues that can be dealt with later though, and as a standalone episode this was pretty solid overall.

2 thoughts on “Amagi Brilliant Park Episode 5

    • Thanks! I agree, there is something perversely amusing about a fuzzy pink cat and/or dog mascot throwing Molotov cocktails at hordes of orcs

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