Amagi Brilliant Park Episode 7

Eagerly anticipating "Jaw 2"


Things seem to be going OK at the park’s big water attraction until a group of magic elephant seal pirates bust through the interdimensional door under the pool and take everyone as their captives. This show is weird.

Jel’s thoughts

I liked the idea of this episode on paper. Crazy pirate invasions are always fun, and the idea that the park’s magical elements could become its greatest strength is a conclusion that should have been reached a long time ago. The mascots continue to be the main draw here as “Jaw” is just the right kind of silly and Tiramie’s (I actually remembered his/her/its name!) betrayal was just further reinforcement that these creatures have no business being around children.

A whole different kind of pirate booty

What I still can’t get over though is the fact that they’re playing a series with such a tight premise as an episodic comedy. Aside from the bit where the pirates are forced to join the crew there’s no context for any of this in the big picture. They just spring up out of nowhere and are now presumably done with their part. I also hate to be so glued to the visitor counter at the end of the episode, but dropping from 8,000+ visitors five days earlier to less than 700 seemed pretty weird, especially after they claim the pool area does so well for them. It all makes a for a very inconsistent picture of how well the park is or isn’t doing, deflating any motivation for the plot to go places beyond silly one off comedy bits like this.

At least we didn’t have to suffer through too much forced romance between Kanye and Fifty, although as expected their one scene together when he first sees her pirate outfit thudded to the ground like an anchor. I guess I’m OK with that being there so long as it stays in the background. Beyond that I don’t even know what I should be expecting or hoping for from Amagi Brilliant Park. It would be really disappointing to see such a good idea squandered on a few silly one off episodes and a hasty conclusion to wrap things up, but that sure feels like the direction we’re heading.

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