Amagi Brilliant Park Episode 8



The stress of running the park has taken a toll on Kanye and he catches a Summer cold. Worried about his perfect attendance record at school, the rest of the crew use the latest magic technology to take his place. This show is weird.

Jel’s thoughts

I don’t know why Amagi Brilliant Park even bothered with the “Save the Park!” premise. This was a perfectly entertaining and well structured comedy episode on its own. It was pretty funny watching the rest of the cast try to reign in their own crazy personalties and a pretty clever move to put a common thread through their experience. I am still a bit worried we are creeping further and further toward the show turning into Kanye Harem Time as Chuujou seems to be crushing on him, but I’ll let that slide for now.


Ultimately we just keep coming back to same issue every week, perhaps this episode more than ever: this has nothing to do with saving the park. In fact, this had nothing to do with the park at all as it was entirely focused on Kanye’s school life. As we are conveniently reminded at the end of the episode, they only 24 days left to get 350,000 visitors. You would think there would be a much greater sense of urgency or focus on the task at hand. Episodes like this are fun but it turns Amagi into nothing more than a decent anime comedy, a very low bar to set for a premise that has so much potential.

The only other thing I want to mention is Kanye doesn’t have any more chemistry with Latifah than he does with Fifty. A few jealous glares have made their love triangle official and personally I’m not buying into any of it. It’s just another distraction from the whole point of the series, and I must admit it’s getting harder to work up the motivation to watch every week. Seeing as we’re well past the halfway point, I’m sure they’ll have to get back to saving the park and things will become weird and interesting again… right?

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