Amagi Brilliant Park Episode 9



The fairies of Elementario are totally out of sync and it’s hurting their visitor count. Latifah calls a meeting to get them on the same page which naturally leads to them triggering the castle’s automatic defense system, raining cannon fire on anything in the area. Can the fairies work together to save the park? #thisshowisweird

Jel’s thoughts

This is the kind of goofy side story filler episode I’d expect in a longer series, not a single season affair with a time sensitive premise. Even that’s not much of a compliment, as I can’t really say I care much about Elementario. Sure they’re good for some quick comic relief – particularly Sylphy’s airhead routine and the twitter jokes – but I had no desire to spend an entire episode with them. Having them run through an utterly predictable set of challenges with a tacked in attempt to tug at your emotions just didn’t do anything for me. I suppose there was something amusing about the grand scale silliness of how they almost casually murdered everyone in the park, but I don’t think the end result was worth it.


At the very least we can say there’s a slight mention that the events of this episode improved their visitor count, even if the entire incident was unintentional. I was actually expecting Latifah to reveal that it was her plan all along, which would have helped characterize her as more than just the frail princess in the castle. Even if it had turned out to be Kanye’s idea, it would have made the whole thing a more cohesive part of the process. I mean seriously, when’s the last time he did something useful? He’s supposed to be incredibly smart, has the power to read minds, and was billed as the park’s savior and yet he’s pretty much been sidelined for several episodes in a row.

With the final shot of Latifah trying to keep a secret, I wonder if there really is some kind of grand plan for Amagi Brilliant Park that will redeem all of this. If they could use these last few episodes to string together a strong final arc as the crew pushes toward the big goal, I could see myself still having a positive opinion of the series after it’s all said and done. Unfortunately I haven’t seen much to indicate that will be the case as the last cliffhanger we ended on (the water breaking under the park) just lead into another silly one-off story that barely tied into the main plot. Hopefully we won’t be too disappointed.

3 thoughts on “Amagi Brilliant Park Episode 9

  1. Those trials did not make sense and they also did not really seem to teach the gals team work either. Each trial boiled down to the most talented member doing all the work, which is almost like the opposite of teamwork. Also, if those girls took any humanities classes in school, they should have seen through that last trial in less than three seconds.

      • Kinda glad I just let it slip through the cracks. I’ve been burned too much by KyoAni the past few years to remain attached for their good production values. It’s a shame that it’s come to that, but they’ve only themselves to blame.

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