Parasyte – The Maxim Episode 13

parasyte13a Recap

Shinichi returns to his normal life, but the student body learns that he was the one to discover Kana’s body. Yuko finds Shinichi’s lack of reaction despite the horrific events disturbing, and Murano agrees. Elsewhere, Reiko has sent a private detective to monitor Shinichi’s movements. After he gets caught, Migi almost murders him, but Shinichi’s conscience stops the attack. Stuck with the paranoia of his secret getting out, he tries to console in Murano, only to find Migi preventing that from happening, leaving him alone.

I’m a bit disappointed that we’re back to the hemming and hawing of a few weeks ago as another death affects Shinich way less than people believe it should. I get that it’s a demonstration of his further Parasyte enhancements, but this is something we’ve already discussed and didn’t really need refocusing. I mean, we just got through talking this over with the bully last week, and now we devote almost a full episode towards it? We know that Shinichi obviously still has emotions. He killed the Parasyte because although he didn’t love Kana she was still someone who was kind to him. I suppose this may be because this is something just Yoko has noticed recently, but she seems to be as much friends with Shinichi as Murano. After all of Shinichi’s skipping and behavior, you would have think she’d realized the changes in Shinichi just as quickly. Still, the question of humanity is one of the driving themes of this show, so it would appear this is how the show plans on tackling it once again.

parasyte13bI knew it seemed weird that the Parasytes would keep Shinichi completely alone. Reiko’s involvement solves any of those questions, and instantly makes Shinichi’s position seem very vulnerable. Reiko was already sinister before, but her close observation of him along with her frightening treatment of her child shows that while she may be more developed than the other Parasytes, it is that fact that keeps her dangerous. Finding the P.I. also was a very natural way of putting another wedge in what was becoming a closer relationship between Shinichi and Migi. It was all Shinichi needed to remind himself that at its heart Migi is still a cold blooded killer. With the P.I. still tailing him, I wonder if Shinichi will be able to stop Migi from going through with the act in the long run.

parasyte13eOnce again I’m getting pretty sick of Murano’s actions, but they’re finally starting to get justified. Before, she just seemed to be nosy and unsupportive, her suspicions of Shinichi defined by some arbitrary lack of “Shinichiness”. Now though, Shinichi is acting more and more erratic, and by the end of this episode Murano has every reason to be mad at him. He clearly has a secret, and he is not fooling anyone. Even with this, he doesn’t even come out with the softer of his two hard truths, that his mother is dead. I know those kinds of things are hard to talk about, but Murano is his emotional rock right? Shouldn’t he at least try to reach out for her sympathies? Wouldn’t she understand some of his behavior in the context of such a great loss? I know his current fixation is on his paranoia about Migi, but he needs to win Murano’s trust somehow if he wants to keep her in his life.

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