Parasyte – The Maxim Episode 6

parasyte6b Recap

Migi acts quickly to save Shinichi’s life by merging with his damaged organs. The process takes its toll on Migi, but also manages to make improvements to Shinichi’s senses. He finds out his father is still alive, wounded in a hospital. Shinichi goes to protect him from the monster that stole his mother away, and finally builds the resolve to fight.

I didn’t think about how quick last week’s cliffhanger would resolve. I thought the Parasyte would stick around for a fight, but the actions it takes instead make much more sense. Leaving Migi to die makes way more sense than antagonizing a cornered animal. I also liked how they were able to solve the problem of Shinichi’s mortal wound in a way that works well with what we’ve learned about Parasytes so far. Migi’s grasp of nutrition is obviously very basic, thus Shinichi is kept alive by a thread. The effect of him waking up haggard and in pain is powerful. He truly looks like a man who’s whole world has come crashing down.


Boy, am I worried about that cute girl he keeps bumping into around town as he goes to see his father this episode. I was a bit worried about Shinichi after the way he pushed Murano away. It made a lot of sense, he wants to make sure no one else will get hurt, but Murano clearly holds a lot of sway in Shinichi’s heart. Being on his own, I feared how he would handle himself. Makiko is a convenient but not implausible way to give Shinichi a continued connection to normalcy. I’m impressed with Madhouse, as the extra animation flairs given to her mannerisms contribute a lot to endearing herself to the audience. My worry is that her continuing infatuation with him seems like it could only end in tragedy.


The traditional shounen side of Parasyte shows through at the climax of this episode. It’s crushing watching Shinichi come to grips with what happened and struggle with the pain that his wounds, both mental and physical, have caused. Now, we see him finally build up the resolve to act. He knows his mother is dead. The only way to ensure this tragedy does not perpetuate itself is to go on the offensive. It’s the kind of resounding feel-good moment that Parasyte has had very few of thus far. With this new drive, I’m excited to see how his new body changes will affect fights. Obviously this Parasyte he is chasing is not his mother’s killer, so we’ll have to wait and see what this wild card brings to the table.


3 thoughts on “Parasyte – The Maxim Episode 6

  1. ” Obviously this Parasyte he is chasing is not his mother’s killer, ” im confused here, the parasite that chopped his mothers head off is not her killer?

    The show is great and seeing Shinichi transition from denial to realization is really gripping. I’m pretty damn excited about this show.

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